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Insert Pre-Oscar Post Here

The sad thing about the Oscars this year?

I don't think I've see any of the films nominated save for Little Miss Sunshine. Sad.

Yes, I haven't even seen Dreamgirls or Children of Men (which I REALLY wanted to see).

Eh, I'll be rooting for the movies with the adorable dog. Not really. It might be good to not have a "personal" investment in any of the movies. Because, while I enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine, I'd be shocked if a "comedy" won the big awards. Also, the best part of the movie, in my opinion, was Steve Carrell. He was awesome.

I've been feeling like crap AGAIN and wasn't there a time when I wasn't sick? Like, I recall there being a time of not-sickness. That was nice. Yesterday, I was in great pain of a Female Nature and not that time of the month AND my knee was fucked all up because I went to the gym and it sort of cracked wrong when I was doing the treadmill thing, PLUS...my voice decided it didn't want to work either.

It's now a sort of smoky, hoarse sound and I'm hoping I'm back to my normal voice by tomorrow, because I don't want to be answering the phone whilst sounding like a weary sex phone operator.

But if this voice keeps up, maybe I can get a second job.

Because I've been feeling like crap, I've been in no mood to write, mostly because I couldn't get out of bed yesterday, I was in such pain and to write, I tend to sit up and I couldn't even do that. Instead I played a lot of The Sims 2 on my laptop. Yes, I win at life. *headdesk*

I am feeling a trifle bit like myself though, so there's that. You know, most Februaries, I try not to bitch about them, because not only is my birthday month, but it's like half of my family's birthdays as well, but this February has kind of seriously sucked, despite fantastic things happening such as getting to see Evil Dead: The Musical.

Anyways, what's the whole point of the Oscars? Hanging with people (this year, just my mom and my sisters) and making food.

And I plan on cooking.

The tentative menu:

Frescaritas (Fresca & lime) for me and Cuppy
Margaritas (for those who don't mind their tongues melted off by tequila)

Stuffed crimini mushrooms (probably cheese and prosciutto, nothing too crazy)
Scallops (pan seared in sherry)
Paninnis (portabella mushrooms, rosemary ham, mozzarella, bruschetta)
Fingerling Potatoes and Arugula Salad
Lemon bars

So I gotta head out to the store and pick up my ingredients.

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