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in which there are heroes and mr. bennet being AWESOME

Mr. Bennet WINS. Everything.

I wish I could do a coherent post. Um. But the ending sort of killed me what with the major sacrifice and I'm still a little shellshocked and he's NOT DEAD! YAY!

But he is shot and mindwiped, but probably not all of Claire's been mindwiped. Just enough to keep her safe.

Oh, Haitian Sensation That's Sweeping The Nation. Your power is evil and yet you are not. It's like a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a sex taco.

Claude really does have some damn good excuses for hating people. I still love him. Like, I just love everything about him. I love him speaking Japanese in his lovely accent (and hey, Jack Coleman was pretty good too, as far as acting as though he's fluent, I have no idea, dialect-wise).

Was he protecting Claire or was it someone else? Hmmmm.

I did not expect George Takei again and it was a lovely surprise. So Hiro, what's the deal then? Is Hiro also adopted? Did Hiro!Daddy know his son was one of the "chosen?"

More mysteries.

But best: Mr. Bennet. Being Awesome.

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