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braiiiiiins (& fic!)

Good lord, my job was gunning for my life today. I was the last person to leave the office. The LAST person. This...has only happened twice before. Gah.

I also make *throttling* motions while on the phone a couple of times. Just to let you know how insane my day was.

Then I went to the gym like a fool and may have fucked up my knee some more. Brilliant.

And my voice? Is all ragged and icky sounding.

Goodbye, February. So long and thanks for all the sickness.

Now another of my Very Important Polls:

Poll #937479 a very important fic poll

which fic should I post next?

your Bennet/Claude fic of course! Invisible!Doctor & HRG Man LURVE for the win!
your Ten Years of Buffy fic as it's freaking due March 3rd, genius!
your Dean Winchester/Many Hot Witches fic of course. If it gets any longer you seriously could post it for your SPN Big Bang Story, c'mon, wrap it up! Dean sexin' witches is hot.

this ticky box?

is a witch and is busy getting Dean naked
is invisible and is making out with Bennet.
just got mindwiped by the Haitian Sensation That's Sweeping the Nation
is a zombie and eating the braaaaaains of Sylar, just for the delicious irony

Meanwhile, if you haven't checked it out, I posted a Sam het fic: halo girls and dreamers. Pre-Series, Pre-Jess. Featuring a ballerina, flexible positions, dirty talking and sex (against a wall, in public, oh the kinky goodness). All good things, ya know. I pimp 'cause I'm a 'ho.

Finally, I need to beg for a beta for witchy women of the west, which is my neverending (but dammit, I will finish this monster!) Dean/OFCs story. I seriously am going to get back into gear and post the bloody thing but I do need a beta to make me cry work some magic and help me with grammar wonk and coherency issues.

I will cook for you or write fic for you or anything, dude.

God, I need a drink.
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