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ten years ago - buffy

Ten years ago I was in middle school. Ten years ago, I was a social outcast (middle school was my 'high school' torture time and I did okay in high school). Ten years ago, I watched more than my fair share of teen soapy dramas. I was a bit of a WB devotee.

Ten years ago, I'd already seen and enjoyed the cheestastic glory of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie) and yeah, I'd totally watch it whenever HBO aired it. Yes. I know. It's a totally different creature from the show that first aired ten years ago. And it's kind of bad. Maybe a lot bad. But I love bad movies. Especially bad teen movies. They are glorious.

Along came the show.

BtVS. One girl in all the world. I remember being so completely destroyed when Becoming: 2 aired and I recall other girls in my classes talking about it because ohmygod she killed him/she's all alone/she did it. In high school, when I was involved in the school plays, I'd wait until absolute last minute to head out of the house so that I could tape BtVS and rewatch it when I got back (around 9:30pm). I cheered when Buffy won her battles and felt for her when her hopes for something normal couldn't be sustained thanks to her Slayer duties.

I love Buffy.

Regardless of how my feelings for the show changed over the seven seasons, of the giddy highs and horrific lows of BtVS fandom, BtVS became something of a defining moment. Not something that changes your life although it would eventually lead me towards my fannish interests.

What I remember most, that very first night, is being in my darkened bedroom, turning up my old T.V. (the one that was so old that I couldn't use volume control on the remote, so I had to twist at the old knob on the T.V. set). Hearing Anthony Stuart Head's narration, that pan over the graveyard and occult-y images.

The stupid boy entering the high school with a girl in a Catholic school girl outfit. The first fake out. She's the monster.

Duh. Of course she is.

And Buffy? That girl cast in the blue shade of light as she kicks vamp ass in The Harvest? She's the one who will kick your ass whether or not she's got bubblegum to tide her over.
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