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in which RL happens and Rome breaks my kink-o-meter

First, Rome.



Like. WOW.

Pullo freaking BIT OUT that dude's tongue.

Holy crap.

And that's one of the least weird things that happened on tonight's ep. It's such a shame that the first season dragged so much (and I really think it was thanks to the actor cast in the role of Julius Caesar, that dude sucked a lot of the fun out of the room in his scenes, really his best scene was his death scene at the end of the season). This season has kind of kicked all sorts of ass. It's just amazingly kinky.

I mean, holy shit. You have Octavian calmly informing his future bride-to-be, Livia, that he shall beat her, but oh, don't worry, it's only for his sexual release. And she's just like, chill about it. WHAT THE HELL.

Everyone on this show is so fucking twisted. I was almost disappointed that Marc Antony and Octavian didn't start hatefucking when Antony put his hands around Octavian's smug neck, but you can't have everything.

Dude, I thought they'd never top the S1 ep where Octavia fucked young Octavian, but I think this episode kind of delivered on the fucked up level of "THIS IS JUST WRONG." In a good way though.

Meanwhile, in more pleasant relationships, Pullo and Vorenus not only had a heartfelt goodbye, they totally kissed. Twice.

Dean and Sam Winchester wish they could be so full of man!pain and totally gay for one another. The Petrilli Brothers ain't got a thing on the HoYay of Pullo and Vorenus.

And there are only two episodes left in the ENTIRE SERIES and Antony's JUST gone to Egypt where he and Cleopatra will fuck like bunnies continue to even more onscreen sexy times.

Wait, wasn't I supposed to talk about a few RL things? Heh, Rome is kind of distracting.

Okay, so I went to traffic court yesterday and I accepted a lower charge - improperly opening up my car door, which winds up being the same amount money-wise, but that means NO points on my license. Yeah. So I'm out $175 and spent like, three hours, of my Saturday morning taking care of that, but it's OVER. I mean, this was a ticket I got back in 2004.


In better news, as I've been going to the gym since January, I've lost 13 and a half pounds. This is good, right? It feels good. So long as I hit my weight loss goal by the end of the year, I'll be happy.
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