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Fic: Stereoscopes (SPN, double-shot drabble, Gen, PG-13)

Stereoscopes (Gen)
Rating: PG-13 (disturbing imagery)
Pairing: slight Sam/Jess
Spoilers: S2 In My Time of Dying
Word Count: Each drabble is a little over 130 words.
Summary: He knits his father up and lets the needle slip. 2 drabbles featuring five double images.
Author’s Notes: Inspired by Monica Youn’s poem Stereoscopes, which can be found in her book of poetry, Barter.

Stereoscopes I (double sided boy)


The boy Winchester pressed down on his torn sole, gluing the sneaker shut.

The girl could not see the forest for the trees. She never got him to ask her out.


He knits his father up and lets the needle slip. His brother takes over.

A rough cotton shirt, care of the Salvation Army, is a poor bandage.


You will be loved and then you will burn. There’ll be no apologies.

He will kiss your mouth until the argument’s out and will say to you, I love you.


The Colt fits too easily. His father demands to end it all. Shoot him. Now.

His mother bleeds over her boy as the tearing starts. She can’t scream anymore.


The troubles of you, boy with double vision, won’t matter. Listen to Dean.

They destroyed everything. Except one thing. You’d better be ready when your brother’s gone.


Stereoscopes II (son and brother)


He won’t look at you the way he used to. It’s shame perfected.

Sam started asking why you never questioned this life. You won’t answer.


He sprouts up so fast you think he may be part weed or giant.

Dad asks why you’d waste sixty bucks on new jeans for Sammy.


Dad will reveal nothing about the fairer sex so you’ll discover them alone.

They’ll fall apart so beautifully. You will tell Sam, oh it’s freaking worth it.


Starve a fever, feed a cold or maybe it’s the other way around.

Pop a pill, quit your bitching. The pain fades away or it doesn’t. Deal.


If you wanted something better maybe you should have said something.

You said, let me do this, wrapping Dad in the shroud and you lied. He said nothing.

Tags: fic, sam/jess, spn fic
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