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rosie perez wins

Oh man, I can't believe I stayed up to watch Jimmy Friggin' Kimmel just because Jensen Ackles was on. Poor man looked like he wanted to crawl under the chairs a couple of times due to screaming fangirlitis.

But, the point of this brief post before I force myself to sleep:

Rosie Perez asked the best question ever.

"I'm sorry," she says, interrupting Jimmy Kimmel, speaking to JA, "but do you curl your eyelashes?"


Apparently Jensen does not.

I'm still laughing.

That is awesome.

Oh, and thank GOD Jimmy Kimmel didn't pull out of any of the "Jensen Ackles is a dirty kitten juggler!" jokes when he read that list of "Jensen Ackles True Facts."

Jensen Ackles keeps his kitten juggling on the down-low.
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