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Supernatural: Roadkill

Aww frick.

I'm not reading media interviews before new episodes and I need to stay away from any spoilery comments.

I fucking knew this was going to be like Farscape's Meltdown, only without the steamy sexy scenes. (FYI: in Meltdown, there's a middway reveal that the 'damsel in distress' is totally dead and Stark, our crazy ass crazy who has crazied more than any crazy, makes it his mission to 'free' her to send her to her afterlife.)

Goddamit. I hate that I knew poor Molly was dead from the moment she wakes up from the accident. I'd had a feeling since the promos & then the director's clips.

*slides this ep in my 'least favorite of S2' spot*

Tricia Helfer? Was very good. And she really is beautiful.

Fuck that ending.

When I'm not dizzy and lightheaded, I'm going to have words about Dean's characterization in this episode.

It was a really bad idea for me to kind of skip dinner tonight. Ugh.
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