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SPN Gamian Pimpage

Ah, now I remember why I have a pimping icon. Okay, I actually didn't forget because I love this icon and it always make me laugh. Ah, pimptastic J.D. and Turk. Don't ever let it be hard out there for ya, playas.

So spn_gaiman is now alive in the Frankstein way. It's got something of a braaaaain and all. Tastes of zombie. Mmmm. God, having a chocolate muffin (diet kind!) for dinner is a bad idea.

Let me start again.

spn_gaiman is open for business. Join (and those who have pinned it just as "watching" can now join as members, I've opened up membership), Pimp, and be Merry.

Signups for the ficathon should open on March 23rd (this Friday).

If you've got questions or any comments about the comm, feel freel to comment at the intro post. 3 out of 4 commenters will get Cake. The other person will get Or Death.

spn_gaiman spn_gaiman spn_gaiman spn_gaiman
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