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Doctor Who "Smith and Jones" and Misc.

Well, I kind of loved it. Honestly, I really did and I'm a wee bit in love with Martha. She's very her, I didn't have a moment where I really missed or longed for Rose, although I did appreciate the little bit with Ten saying "We were together" (??? together) and him totally lying that he's just taking her on one trip. Riiiight. Tell us another one, Doctor.

Okay, so those that have read my thoughts on Doctor Who, y'all realize that there was one moment that firmly sealed the deal for me, right?

Go on, guess what it was.

(And the first two guesses don't count.)

(It's so bloody easy, y'all know it's my weakness and half my "joking" reason why I loved Rose so.)

(Still nothing?)

(Okay then, I'll just tell you.)

Martha. Getting ready for her brother's party. Put on a shitload of mascara. And she looked awesome in it. Yay for mascara!

In conclusion, love. The end.

Because I am going to be off at work doing work-y things, I challenge you, flist, to come up with seriously weird and/or awesome things to say to, about, or near me at the Anything Goes Meme at goodbye's lj. I've tossed my own hat into the ring here.

As the meme says, People reply to your comment(you may comment anon) leaving you a secret, a note, some honesty, offers of sexual favours, anything else you can think of. SPILL YOUR HART!.

Make me happy. Go freaky, y'all.
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