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The Riches - Been There, Done That

I worry just a bit that the show's going to over do it. It's just there's so much being crammed and gah, I don't care about the eeeeeevil Travellers plot at all. So I'm annoyed at Cael for letting them in through the gate.


Meanwhile, I loved Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard getting closer to their actual accents when they were "pretending" to be English. And that their scam worked and kind of awesomely so. Their relationship is also one of my favorite things about the show (the other things would be any Izzard rabmbling rambly rants of Joy, Dee-Dee, and Sam). They're so strangely real even in this hyper-real situation.

We're going to find out in the next episode that the very dead Doug Rich used to drown puppies in burlap sacks, aren't we?

When I don't think too hard about the show, I love it very much. But it does have its flaws, I jst hope it doesn't go the way of my former beloved FX show, Nip/Tuck and lose its damn mind. Baring the wonky accents and unbelievable situation, it's a damn good show. Worth its weight in fertile Alpacas.

ETA: I can't believe, I didn't mention this, but Happy Passover to those on my flist who celebrate.
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