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57 Academics Just Punched the Air or Why Doctor Who Was AWESOME Tonight

My lord.

Let's review these awesome things:

- I may have to marry Martha.

- The Doctor is still all kinds of fucked up over Rose and his rage issues are kind of linked with her. And he needs to be making out with Martha, like, you are hot now Doctor, please to be having the sexing with Shakespeare AND Martha now plz. K? You have a magic toothbrush, give it to Shakespeare and get it on.

- I really enjoyed the baddies of the week if only for the words have power thing.

- Shakespeare shamelessly stealing? Heh, that's pretty damn accurate, no? Bless him for that.

- Martha as the Dark Lady. Although it's weird that they didn't quote the poem associated with the "Dark Lady."

- All the Harry Potter stuff. Ten saying that book 7 made him cry. Them banishing the baddies with an HP curse. Thanking J.K. Rowling. Golden.

- I want to watch it again. Which is a huge compliment because there's quite a bit of S2 that I don't have a desire to rewatch.

- The Globe Theater is lovely.

- Ten is so adorable with his "just one trip" and spoiling the moment with Martha on the bed. Aww. I love this show.

- But I'm going to marry Martha after I snog Ten. Because she is awesome.

- The BEST MOMENT EVER was Shakespeare flirting with the Doctor. That was just. Incredible. Ten just taking it in and yes, you are hot, dude, just deal with it, you flirty thing. And go make out with Martha and Shakespeare NOW.
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