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Why I hate teenagers.

"I'm nineteen / I'm old for my age / I was born to be bad" ("Light My Candle," Rent)

I'm in my last month as a teenager. Come the 16th and I'll be twenty years old. It's...it doesn't feel like anything yet.

But I know one thing. Boy, do I hate teenagers. Now, I'm going to rephrase that. I hate "teenyboppers." We know who they are. They like Eminem because he's totally ghetto (I love his music, but not because of the image he plays with) and Arvil because she's PUNK RAWK (to quote Molly, no, she's actually a "dumbfuck").

They come to work in droves, completely wasted, and order food, leave nasty messes, and are generally over-dramatic, idiotic pigs.

I don't get what the hell happened to kids today. Buh-dam-da-da-dum.

I have a theory on AtS and about Awakening, but I need to sharpen it before posting. Also, I want to finish my Wesley/Lilah fic.
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