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the "new" stars wars trilogy? still sucks

I am only watching the last parto of Revenge of the Sith to hear Ewan McGregor shout "YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!"

Oh, and for NOOOOOOOO. It'll never stop being funny. Master, where is Padme?

You killed her. With your bad acting.


ETA: shangri_la just posted an awesome Vader clip that you have to see to believe on this post. Hee.


I am distracting myself because I have a shitload of things to do tomorrow and then I'm going into NYC to get shitfaced drunk and sing Carry On My Wayward Son at a karaoke bar. Yes, I fucking offered to sing that song. Oh man. It's going to be horrible.

ignited best sing back up with me or I'm going to cry a single Emo Dean Winchester Tear of Man!Pain.

Further ETA:

You know what's hottest about Dean? His dorkiness. For real, yo. OMG, he's such a dork and it's delightful.

Bless whoever directed this episode for that strangely long shot of Jensen Ackles's crotch. Yeah, I got it, look at his toolbelt and Dean getting into his fake role as a P.A. (Dean loves working and being part of a team! Fuck yeah!), but oh my god, Dean's crotch.

Yeah. I may need to watch that again and again while I wait for Vader to say his stupid NOOOOOOO.
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