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My Accomplishments:

- Write up what you did last night: drinking, karaoke, sex boots, dirty pictures (see below)
- ramble on about the most awesome Sam and Dean genderswap story that Stef is writing (see below)
- your taxes, genius (I owe the state but I'll get money back from the IRS.)
- write your gen fic with Sam and Dean hunting in Miami beach (...a little was done)
- Watch last night's Doctor Who Ep (Thoughts to be posted tomorrow after rewatch)

raelala has a far more extensive post here about our adventures last night, in particular a list of most of the songs we sang last night. Yes, my name is up there more than once. Yes, I sang songs from Supernatural. Uh, yeah, I kind of knew all the words. vorpal_pen challenged me when Renegade started up that I shouldn't look at the screen and I (drunkenly) was all, "I can totally do that!" and would turn to ignited to share the mircophone and look away as if it's a big accomplishment.

I'm a lamer you see.

It was good that I was kind of drunk because if I had know that Rae's camera also was taking videos of our "performances" I don't think I would have "sang" at all. And those pictures/videos? Have officially ended any hope for a future political career. Heh, because you know, writing porn? That wouldn't come up at all. :-P

36D bra + button down shirt + drinking Cosmos and a Sex on the Beach = me singing Sweet Transvestite starring my boobs. My huge Jessica Rabbit boobs.

Oh my boobs, you are looking so much better now that I have lost weight. I've totally dropped down a size in clothing and it makes me so, so happy. Smished (not smashed, but smished, which is a bit different) Boobs for the win!

I felt a little guilty for eating some Doritos while we waiting for ignited and vorpal_pen but that kind of got shot when I had ice cream today because of tax-related stress. Oh ice cream. I know I shouldn't eat thee, but NY tax forms are so stupidly overcomplicated.

The karaoke bar was in the East Village and I stepped out wearing my sex boots (AKA my hooker boots). As I noted, those boots ensure that sex with a man who is, let's say, oh, around 6'3"-6'5", could be undertaken while we were both standing up. Heh. My Sam Winchester Fucking Boots.

In reality, I tend to prefer wearing those boots to work because they're my most comfortable pair, they're really easy to run around in. In fact, they only hurt a little bit at the end of the (very long) night.

We met up with Rae's drummer girl, typicrobots, siryn99 and her posse at the bar, where we were ushered into a creepy ghetto room. The first drink order was taken and I ordered my favorite, a Sex on the Beach, and mind you, I had already had one of starstillwonder's Cosmos and that had already sent me off on a pleasant buzz. I'm such a girl drink drunk. We distressingly learned that the place did not have any food and the last meal I had that day was at 10:00am and was a frikkin' salad. So, it's 8pm and I've got alcohol in me.

Did I ever tell y'all how smart I was? Please marvel at that cleverness.

After I got my drink, ignited and I sang Carry On My Wayward Son. We had selected the "video" option and dear God. Have you ever seen karaoke videos? They are...horrifying.

Randomly, Missi Pyle was in one video as a bartender or something and I think half of us were all, "OMG WHY IS MISSI PYLE THERE?"

At one point in the night, my legs got stuck under the coffee table because I had fallen off the couch, laughing in horror at the video.

It was the best night ever.

We shuffled out of there a little after three hours, waited while the bill was settled. Before Our Group Broke Up, we had yet another picture taken, but this time it was a group pic, taken by a hilariously sarcastic drunk man. Thank you, saracastic drunk man. We shall totally pay you your commission before we develop the pictures. Best of all, because we were all standing against a graffiti store wall, it looks like a ghetto school picture. It's adorable.

ignited and I discussed Supernatural a lot, before and after the karaoke, and let me tell you, blathering about SPN when your voice is shot and you're all sweaty (OMG that room we were in was HOT, I was dying and I kept on whapping people in the face with my hair in an attempt to stop my neck from sweating) and dying of thirst? That's just my fucking brilliance showing off for all the world to see.

Rae, ignited, and vorpal_pen indulged my "no fast food" rule and we trekked out for any place that was open so I could get something to eat. We finally settled at a pizza place and I stupidly orderd a regular soda and oh, that sugar did not agree with me.

I could not fall asleep after I had sugar buzzing in my body.

So when we got back to Rae's apartment, it was time for pjs, my pjs being my awesome Metallicar shirt. We watched the latest episode of The Office (even though Rae, starstillwonder, and myself had watched it earlier while we waited for the slackers), chatted about nonsense and oh, SPN stuff - because when you get me and ignited in a room, we plot out the most cracktastic shit.

We may have stayed up until 3:30am creating The Most Awesome Story Ever Told. It's completely taking genderfucking to a new level and because I'm such a pissy bitch when it comes to characterization, oh, wait until you see what we're doing to Sam and Dean. It's going to be glorious.

I Dean-spoke several lines and I love speaking Dean. I love writing Dean and figuring out how to make him tick, even with...the huge thing that is happening to Dean. Sorry, but I had to vague that up.

We both got up early as we needed to catch our respective trains at a reasonable hour and ignited wrote up as much of the notes of our long, long discussions as she could as I continued to prod, all, "and don't forget this!" as if it's a matter of life or death if we forgot that we want Dean to say, "I can't flip my goddamn hair anymore" (and yep, that line is care of Charlie's Angels).

So you know what?

Supernatural makes you a freak. Pass it on.
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