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sometimes I want to hit the media with a big rubber mallet

And say unto the media, "You! Stop being stupid and reporting heresay and nonsense!"

I hate it when you can see in the eyes and the voices of newcasters ("reporters/journalists") that gross twinkle and glee they have in reporting tragedy. I despise that it is impossible for them to just report the news as it currently stands, no they have to speculate and create wild theories and when the real story comes out? They sweep it under the carpet. Disgusting.

I didn't know about the shootings until I checked my email during lunch. Horrifying. I foolishly tried to watch a few minutes of CNN to find out what happened and my lord.

Hell is empty and all the demons are up here.

You know, I wanted to post about how I found out that there is an honest to God hotel out there called the Hotel Impala in South Beach, Florida, but I can't bring myself to dork out over that when once again, the news media fails so hard.
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