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SPN: Hollywood Babylon

That shit was hilarious.

"You know nothing of your cultural heritage!"

What makes me happier, flist, that Dean is the KING OF GEEKS or that Dean's Crotch got some action tonight. The TRAILER. Was A-ROCKING.

Dean banged a B-movie actress. Heh. Dude, it's a major step up from Lindsey Lohan, so you did good. Best P.A. ever.

I do love insider meta stuff when it's well done. Honestly I do but I give this episode a FUCKING AWESOME (better than an A+, I'll tell you what) because they made fun of Racist Killer Ghost Truck. Monster Truck! So awesome.

I was so surprised that Gary Cole's part was ended so soon. It was actually a nice shock because I wasn't sure that he was really dead at first. I thought, oh, they wouldn't kill him off so soon. Nope, they did. And they said a few words the next morning and went back to work. Heh. "He was just a suit."

Dean loving his life fills me with joy. JOY I tell ya.

BOYS SHOOTING GHOSTS INNA FACE WITH ROCKSALT. And their mutual "we're fucking idiots" look when they ran into the (fake) cabin was superb.

Really, I could list all that I love but I need to rewatch this tomorrow and smile at all the wonderfulness of it. I loved the zany music as well. And that the boys walked off into the fake sunset. As much as I'm an Angst Bitch, I love it when the heroes get a moment of grace - to walk off, continuing what they're doing - fighting the good fight.

OMG, don't tell anyone that I'm such a marshmallow.

My main quibble was Jared Padalecki's weirdass acting choice when the ghosts were released - I thought Sam was bad-acting that the ghosts were going to kill that dude and then it turned out that no, Sam was actually being honest about that...so that was really off.

And it was a mite bit creepy just seeing Our Boys watch the ghosts kill that guy. It's weird when it comes to "people" doing bad stuff - because he did KILL via ghosts and he's responsible for that, but yeah, that was kind of fucked up. Yeah, okay, maybe I dug it, too.

Dean quoted Die Hard. DIE HARD. Rock on, muthafucka!

Sam recognizing the black and white movie actress - so does Sam only watch "important" movies or did he and Jess go to movie revivals at Stanford? This question is turning into a fic bunny. I MUST SQUASH IT.

Sadly, I kept on thinking of Evil Dead: The Musical when the "actors" were invoking the eeeevil spirits and really, the movie would be the best thing ever if singing had started up.

But that doesn't matter. What matters then?

Dean. Being Awesome.

And the Boys teaming up and shoot ghosts inna face. (ETA: Why the hell wasn't Sam using a gun? Madison angst? That was a little odd.)

The End.

Well, The End until next week, which I'm restraining myself from getting all excited about. For a whole minute at least.
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