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Wherein there are Heroes...coming to an end game

Quick thoughts because I'm exhausted and because my brain does not want to function right now.

- Malcolm McDowell should do all the Previously narration

- OMG, this is totally the plot from Watchmen. PLEASE, show, do not end the same way or I'll kill myself.

- ACK, stop hurting NYC to save the world. I am not cool with that!

- Peter's Emo Hair hid his non-fatal GIANT PIECE OF GLASS shoved in his head.

- Peter/Nathan are so gay.

- Nathan...is still a bastard. I'd do him. Also, doesn't he have a wife? And two kids? What happened to them?

- Mama Petrelli? Awesome. WHAT IS HER POWER?

- Mr. Bennet is bringing the Other Guy Who Can Blow Up NYC But Good and Matt to New York. Yeah. That'll end well.

- Micah? That man is not going to ask for a good thing.

- Lindeman? YOUR PLAN BETTER NOT WORK. Also, your power is awesome.


- Isaac. Is dead. But still pretty.

- WHAT DOES SYLAR DO WITH THE BRAINS? Is it zombie eating of braaaaiiiiins?

- Bizzaro Nathan in Sylar's painting? EEEEEP.

- Promos for next week. YES, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THAT CRACK.

- I love Future Hiro so very, very much.
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