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Big Bang Word Count: 15,700+

I am?

Very okay with that. If I can get myself to 17,000 by tomorrow, I'm throwing a party, flashing my boobs, the whole nine yards.

At least 1,000 words per day these next three days gets me to where I can spend Friday night and my weekend airing out plot holes, doing continuity work, and all in all, stiching up the remainder of the story. I realized I could bring in a character I'd earler dropped when the mythology shifted from Beowulf to Cuban legends, sweet little Straw Hair Girl.

Considering what I do to Straw Hair Girl? Heh, it's not really that fantastic for her. But then she only exists in my mind.

As a treat, I had a Jamocha shake for dinner, SO DELICIOUS. I hate coffee but I love Arby's Jamocha shakes. It makes no sense.

Also, I shall be going with Sister K to see Hot Fuzz tonight. Hell yeah.

Note to self: tape House. According to the promos, Foreman gets lines and everything.

If I have a sugar high later on, oh, y'all are gonna know why.



We have a new server installed in our break/printing room and the sceen (from where you can access all the tech things that I do not touch because I am not fucking up their systems) has the Most Awesome Picture EVER as its backdrop.

Picture this:

You walk back into this room, to get a drink, or maybe to pick up something from the copier, and you see at eye level, the greast villain ever voiced by James Earl Jones.

That's right.

Darth Effin' Vader. His face is RIGHT THERE. It is so awesome. And! Our Tech Supervisor, when I was complimenting him on using the Vader, he said to me, "I don't know, I'm thinking of getting a picture of Scorpius and using that."

Heeee. Because it Came Up that I watched Farscape and he watched it back in the day.

But Scorpius is too terrifying for most people. Plus, if that happened, I would wind up doing Scorpius impressions all day and that wouldn't be very productive.

"[Reg] can you help me with-"

"But of course...coworker. I would be happy...to help." [evil smile]

[Coworker nervously backs away in fear that I will try to strap them to an Aurora Chair and sift through their minds for the only thing I care about - WORMHOLES]

<3 my job sometimes
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