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Supernatural: Folsom Prison Blues

Before I spazz all over the place, let me offer y'all a couple of tracks of Johnny Cash.

From the Live at Folsom Prison album, the Man in Black himself:

Folsom Prison Blues

Cocaine Blues

It is amazing how much Johnny Cash I listen to nowadays.

Dean has bad plans. BAD BAD PLANS. Because of this, I am incredibly overjoyed. Doesn't make sense? Well, you see, once upon a time, there was this character named John Crichton and he, while being very pretty and angsty and hilarious, was mostly famous for his incredibly awful plans.

Bless you, Dean. One day I'll write my meta piece on why Dean Winchester is the New John Crichton and no one will care but I will have proof of Dean's Crichtonesque spirit.

Sam now is free to mock Dean for the rest of his life about that shitty, shitty "plan." Also, I cackle as my Big Bang fic involve Sam thinking about how their plan in my fic is so fucking stupid. Heh, it's not as stupid as "let us get locked up in a prison while we have an insane military commander an insane federal agent all up in our business."

My plan also includes handcuffs and you know what? Maybe Dean's just really into bondage and that's why he was all "yeah, let's get locked up! I heard that they've upgraded their handcuffs!" and Sam is all, "...?"

Then Dean does BLUE STEEL and the world is a magical place of joy and awesome. Because you know what that means - Dean's watched Zoolander and now I feel like I'm taking crazy pills or something because I love Dean Winchester like crazy, yo.

I love that he collects cigarettes and actually scams his fellow prisoners and that he's just so fucking cocky about everything. I love that he fucking apologized to Tiny ("I dp have low self-esteem." Oh. Hee.) and it was heartfelt.

Sam was pretty awesome here too, especially because here he is, harping on The Stupid Plan but he still goes along with it. Sam! Just don't do it next time!

But still! Sam asking Dean to be straight with him! I laughed thanks to an episode of House, where House tells Wilson to be straight with someone (Cuddy) and Wilson answers, "I don't know what that is." So I giggled, picturing Dean say that, and I am easily distracted.

I am on cold medicine.

"He keeps staring at me." Maybe it's because you did something different with your eyebrows. It was distracting me. Also, you are a mighty fine drink of water. Mmm, Sam.

The boys have to wear so many layers all the time because without the layers, their gorgeous arms are mighty fucking hot and it is hard to follow the story when you're distracted by so much pretty. Yes, even with the orange and the horrid shoes that my grandfather wears (has my grandfather escaped from prison? or does he embrace the senior citizen look too fiercely?).

Sam's first salt 'n burn made me go all "aw Sam." Because last week, Dean gets the sexass "light an entire matchbook on fire" shot and Gigantor's got his weeny lil' match almost blinking out while he burns a pillow.

Thank God he got to light the corpse on fire in the end AND got the sexass shot of "Being a Pyro Is Hot!"

By the way, the public defender was wearing really inappropriate nail polish. Still, bless her for taking a chance on those crazy Winchester boys and sending Henrickson to the wrong cemetery.

So how many times is it that Dean's heart has been wounded? Faith, Devil's Trap (and continuing on in In My Time of Dying). He really needs to watch out.

I'm not surprised that a war buddy of John had weird violence issues. Also, what the fuck did he do to have the boys all for helping him out? I know what was said in the episode, but that kind of didn't work.

In conclusion, there was a slight Cry-Baby shoutout. ignited, did you notice it?

Spoilerish comment for next week's episode:

Someone might need to call me at 10:00pm next Thursday to make sure I'm still alive. Um. If you've ever heard me talking about a little episode called Won't Get Fooled Again, you might know I have a Thing about what the end of tonight's promo revealed.

The kind of thing that makes me cry like a bitch. Dean would not be amused by my inability to have the Perfect Emo Tear, for instead I opt for the Sam Winchester Flood of Sorrow and Angst. Yeah. So um. I'M SO EXCITED.

...I'm a little twisted.

ETA: I am not getting lj notification comments. WTF.
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