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Big Bang story, now with awesome (? or not) summary has been emailed off to the folks running spn_j2_bigbang.

OMG I can write fic that is not this story for the time being! (aka: for a whole week!)

Genderswap, Wincesty permutations of Dean teaching Sam the finer things about sex, or adorable Wee!chesters fic with a John POV?

Decisions, decisions.

And you can tell that I'm expanding my, er, fic writing preferences, can't you?

Blame ignited. Except about the story entitled Animal Crackers (the Wee!chesters). That one will be all my fault.

Ask me tomorrow and maybe I can give you my thoughts on Heroes, but they still remain pretty much HOLY SHIT.

Today is a day for victory arms. Celebrate with me, bitches.

Also, tomorrow is Sam Winchester's fictional birthday o'doom?

Oh man. The fic that I'm planning to post tomorrow...well, at least Sam will have sex with his brother with many people. But heh. Oh Sammy. I apologize in advance for the fic I'm writing about you.
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