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"Do not taunt happy fun ball."

Ah, happy fun ball. Remember to RUN AWAY if it starts oozing green slime and smoking.

So this entry will be very random and off-center, much like an Eddie Izzard comedy special. I've really got to update more often.

Midterms were last week and I'm hoping I didn't do as badly on them as I think I did. I'm also pissed because my "easy" class of Classical Antiquity is being taught by one of the toughest professors I've ever had and it's totally dragging down my GPA. I wanted to get a 4.0 this semester. Oh well.

I am excited because my independent study involves reading Petrarch. I know, that sounds very geeky. But *dude,* Petrarch! Basically the Man who started up the Renaissance. Now that's one interesting mofo.

I think I'm doing okay in my Milton class, which is *supposed* to be my hardest class. Assuming I did well on the midterm, I have an A currently. Oh, the irony. How I missed thee.

Currently reading Middlemarch for my 19th Century class. I really liked the first book (parts 1-3 due tomorrow), but I'm not really digging it. It's a hard read and sort of confusing due to all the characters and I'm having a bit of difficulty remember who's who. But if I managed to finish LOTR, I'm sure I can finish this too.

The spring schedules are already out and I've picked one of the craziest schedules yet.

My current schedule is:

TR - Art of Asia
TR - Peoples and Cultures of Mexico
TR - Contemporary Poetry
TR - The English Renaissance
TR - Philosophy and Criticism of Art

Basically, I would have to be out of the house by 8 AM and I'd be home by 7. I know it's insane, but thanks to the sparse offering by the English department and my decision not to do the double major with Art History, but to graduate a semester early, I've decided this would be the best plan. Even though I'm going to be screaming next semester because of the workload. At least I'll have three days to work 9-5, which I desperately need.

Right, so that was the boring RL stuff. Onto Fandom Fun.

I've seen Queer as Folk S3. I was a bit lost, since I haven't seen S1 and S2, but I liked it, sort of. Erm...how can I say this...I'm mostly "eh" about Justin. I first took to calling him Casper, 'cause the dude is *white,* and while Brian/Justin is interesting, I don't think I'm shipping them.

Actually, I'm not shipping anyone on the show. I think I've become burned out on 'ships; BtVS/AtS has worn out my shipping tendencies. Doesn't mean I don't go "aww" at the sweet moments, just means as long as the stories are good, I'll support any pairing. Which I've found has made the merry-go-round of 'ships on any show much more enjoyable, because I'm not diehard anyone right now, except for my older favorites (coughJ/Acough).

I also caught up on the early O.C. eps I missed! Do you want to know how much I flove Seth? More than *THIS* much! So much flove, so little time!

(Quick rec: torchthisnow has written a fantastic and wonderfully and absolutely perfect 'Seth and Ryan come out to Sandy and Kirsten' fic, "Go Lightly Down." Damn, but I love her Seth. You can't *not* love the way she writes Seth. I urge you to go read and shower her with praise and cookies.)

I'm still torn about taping The O.C. or taping AtS. Decisions, decisions.

I'm still writing a bit, but I don't really have any ideas that are working out. I had a Faith/Wes that I promised Molly ages ago, but I think I'll have to reformat it because it's in a rut. Have to revamp the baby.

Oh, and seriously? Don't taunt the happy fun ball.
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