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wherein Sam does not get fic for his birthday

But Sam does get this:

As seen everywhere, in honor of the birthday boy, post your favorite Sam Winchester quotes.

"That's not food, Dean, it's Darwinsim!"

Oh Sam. You wonderfully ginormous prickly bitchy strapping emo-fest annoying-little-brother manly man.

Your life is doomed. But you are hot. Somehow it all works out in the end, no?


I blame Sam Winchester for not letting me finish my completely porny fic that I really, really want to post and yet, I kind of don't, because it's really kind of kinky. Like it is only slightly less kinky than my "The Tenth Doctor Puts on Drag and Lots of Makeup and Gets Pegged by Rose" fic. So yeah.

But it is canon that Sam likes his sex dirty hot. Yet, it is weird doing a slash/het story where Dean is very much there even when Sam's getting laid sans Dean. And yes, there is a threesome scene as well BECAUSE I have lost my mind.

Why won't this fic write itself? Oh right. Because Sam is blah-blah-blah-ing while I trying to write the naughty parts and dammit, Sam! Stop freaking out that you caught your brother nekkid and please to be focusing on the rimming. K? Thanks.



I mean, it's a glorious set-up:

Sam catches (like it’s a game and not the disturbing pornographic sitcom that is his life with bonus supernatural mayhem) Dean naked on the living room floor, leaning over the cat's yawn stretch of a naked girl, his mouth deep in her ass, fingers spreading her ass cheeks apart.

cue the porn music, y'all

Saaaaam, I reall want to write you doing naughty hot things with the other girl in the car. Can you please comply before Thursday's ep, when I will be rendered useless?

It even has a shiny title!

knocking boots (the birds and the bees are at it again)

*shakes useless fists of defeat*

Time for bed. Bitter sleep. Nothing better.
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