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wherein there are heroes and fic thoughts as I celebrate

Sam, like me, has chosen to sleep topless tonight.

That's a lie, I am just typing up this entry before I find where ever the hell I just put my Metallicar nightshirt (I have too many dark clothes and I need to start PUTTING MY CLEAN CLOTHES IN MY CLOSET & it is a nightshirt because of weight continuing to go down, yay). Eventually I will be topped. Fuck. That does not sound right. Um, I will be shirted?

Clearly, what I need is to be sleeping.

My brain's a little broken, thanks to finally finishing my goddamn Sam porn piece which didn't want to finish itself but Sam eventually behaved and took one for the team. Poor Sam having to be in a threesome. His fic!life is so hard.

I also chatted muchly with netweight and I want you all to know that I love her. Because she and I have like the same SPN thinky thoughts and Agree on many things relating to the Boys and their sexual exploits. Don't look at me like that. The Winchester Boys think of y'all too. Naked.

So now it's off being beta'd by poor ignited, who shall be forced to read a porny tale of the Winchester boys. Weep for her. Consider that this was supposed to be two thousand words and is now over five thousand words. Wincest. Het (Dean & Sam each get laid on separate occasions). Masturbation. Rimming. Threesome. COMPETITIVE Masturbation. AND MORE stuff. Yes, MORE. No one's going to read it. Because it's like, a mashup of everything and the "real" Wincest parts (uh, unless you count Dean advising Sam how to properly whack off and that's just good brotherly common sense advice) doesn't kick in until the last two sections.

A noncrackfic with funny parts and Serious Parts because Sam is so fucking internal unlike Dean who is very much "I do have feelings, but ah, look away! Do not expose my man!pain, just let me have my family together and let me have sex with my brother women when I'm off the clock!" Dean's POV is a fucking lot easier for me to write because Sam Thinks Important Things and I have to restrain myself from getting out the hammer of DUH and whamping THIS IS IMPORTANT all over Sam's POV.

Less thinky, more kinky.

But it is done save the beta and final edit. I shall call it knocking boots (the birds and the bees are at it again for it is all Sam POV all the time and Sam is a blessedly kinky boy and I loff him. Though he is a total bitch to write when you've had Dean taking up residence in your brain for a hella long time.

The Petrelli Family: All Your Incest Fics Are Belong To Us.



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Mohinder's Daddy Issues: Should he get a tissue?


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