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I may wind up becoming a morning person

This icon I'm using (Rose from Doctor Who) is a lie as the past three days I've woken up really frickin' early.

Um, well, it's Monday at least, so that is a good a thing as I have to dash out of here at 7:25am to get to work on time. Ugh.

Oh, here's a thing I did want to say this ungodly hour: do we need to compile of list of "Things You Do NOT Say or Do at a Con" and STAPLE it to the crazy squeetastic inappropiate boundaries fan people?

I make a distinction between the proper folks who know not to fucking ask an actor about his thoughts on yaoi his thoughts on a murky, kinda-sorta ILLEGAL practice that depicts his character in porntastic situations. With his fictional brother.

Well played, genius, you got Jensen Ackles to say Wincest. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THAT'S CUTE? Supernatural has been pretty fucking generous with its fandom, please don't have them utterly freaked the fuck out by us.

The postcard thing? With the photo of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in front of many of the postcards that they've put up around the production office? The fact that they've been known to check out the Plastic!Winchesters and like it? That's awesome.

But you don't ask about fanfic. NO. I'm sorry - just don't. It's not just rude, it's like, of all the people, JENSEN ACKLES? You ask him? The dude's not going to be all, "Oh yeah, I like, totally read it and by the way, I think the fic of [insert person] is awesome!"

AND I SAY THIS AS A PERSON WHO WAS IN A FANDOM (Farscape) where the lead actor (Ben Browder) admitted that he read John/Aeryn fanfic.

Please do not invite the creative people on the show to peer into our kinky sandbox. And for God sake's, just leave Jensen Ackles be. Ask him questions on acting. Not his fucking personal life, because in all his damn interviews, he's shown that he's really uncomfortable about that and don't harrass him about fandom things. Christ, am I one of the few people in the world who really wants to hear about his thoughts on the acting process? That's the kind of stuff that I find really interesting, dammit, that's the point of these things.

I kind of have no words for the whole "Jumping on Jensen Ackles" incident. Well, I have words but they're not very nice.
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