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I got a KRZR and SPN got renewed, oh yeah!

I don't really have much to say beyond my subject line.

Um, maybe that I found out that SPN got renewed while talking to ignited on my KRZR. WHICH IS AWESOME. And my KRZR is shiny and dark grey because they didn't have black and I almost got red (which they call FIRE for some reason, heh), dudes, but I totally didn't even though the sales rep almost gave it to me by accident until I asked to SEE the KRZR before I bought it. I saw how scratched up the example "fire" KRZR cell phone was and decided to stay in my grey little world.

I like that it is called KRZR. Maybe I just like typing out KRZR.

And yesterday, when I walked out of the Verizon store to my car, I realized that my phone matches the color of my car. Heh. Totally unintentional.

But today, I have an AWESOME conversation with my ignited (we talked for like an HOUR, ZOMG, I was STUCK IN INSANE TRAFFIC) and she just dropped that Supernatural was renewed in our little chat of randomness and awesome.

Um and then we said how we neeeeeed the body swap episode (referencing Farscape's "Out of Their Minds" - AKA the best body swap ep EVER, if only for Our Hero TOTALLY feeling up himself when swapped with his not-yet-kinda-sorta One True Warrior Chick LOVE, and I quote, after he gets caught, "What? I'm a GUY. Guys...guys dream about this!").

Apparently Jensen Ackles did a vocal imitation of a Sam line at the Asylum Con? ignited was telling me about it and I now want to see JA play "Sam" while Jared Padalecki has a turn at playing Dean.

I have decided that "playing Dean in Sam's body" (Heeeeee, so much dirtier that I meant) would mean that JP would spend a lot of time hitting his head on ceilings/door jambs and doing many, many pratfalls.

Cheap slapstick humor = Reg's secret shame


And in the course of our convo, we discussed the sick dirty fic we are writing for each other, or rather, the humor fic I am blaming on ignited even though she has nothing to do with it and it's all my fault for thinking "what if Sam and Dean had to go investigate at a sex shop?" while I was down in the basement of doom at work.

But ignited is kinda writing something for me, um, a plotbunny I struck her with that I demanded she write or I'm going to write a fic where Sam gets hauled off by a giant MALE eagle and Dean dies and Sam LAYS eggs of his secret gay bird-babies and it will be horrible and you all must stop me one day when I go too far.

And that has NOTHING to do with what I demanded she write because what she is writing is going to be so fucking hot, y'all. Seriously.

Now I need to find the ending to a story where Sam keeps on sputtering about Dean's accidental involvement with the production of a very popular sex toy.

Shut up. That's totally not too far.

There is also a couple of lines to a Dean/Carmen story that's been in and out of my mind since Sunday. I see it so perfectly in my mind, the only trick is teasing it out of there so that it's just as lovely when altered from the visual to the text.
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