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my brain's cracked but that's okay

Oh, man. Tonight. I'm so fucking excited, you guys, just need to understand. For Supernatural has become my show of Joy and Love and I am like, giddy.

Would you like to know how I feel?

I feel as giddy as Verka Serdyuchka's Dancing is awesome. In fact, that is how I am right now, crackish and glittery and bouncing around. But dancing better. Heh.

Is it wrong that I really want that song on my iPod?

And yesterday I posted a cracktastic humor fic: a boy and his dildo, which despite the title is actually hardcore gen.

Just a lot of use of the words dildo and vibrator. I swear, it's totally gen, I couldn't find a way to make it Wincesty, y'all and I tried.


“You know,” the salesperson says, walking back towards them, sure to bring another tidbit of information that Sam never ever needed to know, “this model is extremely popular with woman.”

“Is it?” Dean says and dammit, his eyes are sparkling at that.

“Oh yes.” Then, as though imparting an obvious fact, scanning over Dean and Sam (which takes longer as the guy has to crane his neck to take in the both of them), he says, “And men.”

That may be worth the future therapy bills, Dean’s face at that. He’s kind of blushing, red starting at the tips of his ears and working its way down his face and then his neck.

“It’s ideal for a strap-on. I’ve had female customers rave that their boyfriends would have never accepted another kind but the Winchester was just perfect.”

“Is it?” Sam chokes out, failing to keep the laughter out of his voice.

“Good if you’re curious,” the salesman declares.

“Dean’s definitely curious,” Sam enthuses, delight at giving Dean just a smattering of revenge for this bizarre experience.


Now's the time in the morning when I dance!

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