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Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Lose, Part Two Electric Boogaloo

I do need to see that again, especially Bobby's scene with Dean in the junkyard.

Y'all, he may have stolen a scene from Jensen Fucking Ackles. That's how awesome Bobby is, he owns a scene hard.

And the shot of holy water to Ellen. Beautifully played.

That being said, he kind of needs to smack Dean. Not because I'm mad at how beautiful and STUPID Dean is when it comes to his family, but because, Dean needs a whap across the face. Just once to knock some sense into his head.

Okay, okay, okay, I'll say it. For the 22nd time since S2 began (in my ep posts at least), OH DEAN.

You goddamn Big Damn Hero. Running down with a year left and I do need to see it again, but Dean seems to have thought that he was going to wind up in hell anyway? DUDE.

*stores that little kernel away for future meta, alongside Dean's childish zest for life*

I...was happy to see John Winchester back, but that scene really felt like a weird pick up shot and I don't know why he didn't SPEAK at all or where John went, but it would be AWESOME if John is still ghosting around, going after the fucking demons that were unleashed, being a dead badass.

I say this, because I want his mildly corporeal self to be around so I can kick him in the ass for TAKING OFF FOR DAYS when Dean was NINE and was basically fucking raising Sam on his own.

Of course Dean avenges his family by shooting the demon. Ending the myth arc just as a new arc is coming up.

If they're going to play with "Sam was brought back wrong!" they better fucking own it. BtVS whiffled on Buffy's "I'm WRONG!" soul issues (she just had soul burn!).

Although I personally believe that Sam was all shooty-shooty to Jake because he knew, he didn't need Dean to spell it out to him, he realized he'd died and Dean had done IT, had done SOMETHING to bring him back, and BAM BAM BAM, that's for bringing us (me and Dean) to this place.

Sam likes to shoot things a lot when he's allowed to play with guns (Asylum). Maybe that's why he isn't allowed to be the Big Badass One with Gun.

Dean may shoot, but he tends to prefer quick and fatal. For him, extra rounds are squeezed off only if you mess with "mah brothah."

Jensen Ackles was gloriously hot when talking to Sam's corpse. I believe everyone will have stated that by now but it has to be said. Again.

That could have been a pretty damn awesome series finale. As could the S1 finale. That seems to be a SPN theme.

Now Dean's got a ticking clock, Sam's going to save Dean's stupid ass, and oh, yeah, I'm sure the boys are screwed on the FBI AND the demon-hunting front.

Hey, did the Crossroads Demon stipulate that if SAM got Dean out of the deal that she'd revoke the resurrection? Because it sounded like she only said if DEAN tried to wiggle out.

Don't mess with a lawyer when it comes to the fine print.

Um, and I think Carry On My Wayward Son rocked harder as a previously for Salvation, but I love that song, so it is okay.

I may have sung it in the car as I was driving home from work today. Er, but like, don't tell anyone.

Final thought: HI SAM'S NAKED BACK!/shallow

That was a very necessary moment. *nods head firmly*
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