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oh weekend, where did you go?

I have been staring at my keyboard for like, two minutes, unable to find the b key. Because the paint's rubbing off and now looks like a "P" and duh, like, the b key doesn't MOVE so why did it take me so long to convince myself to hit that key?

Oh, it's because my h key has NO paint on it and is a mystery key, so I am all confused.

I am getting up too damn early in the morning. BOO. I am also STARVING right now but no food until past 7:00am, that's my breakfast time. Shut up, body.

During the weekend, I always feel that I want to write but I'm least inspired to actually do it. It's frustrating. So I spent a good chunk of Saturday shopping (shoes! Oh, the shoes I did not buy for they were all painful and I wear a size 11 which is not easy to find) and then making Mexican Meatball Soup. Which is such a total bastardization of the recipe, but hey, it does allow me eat delicious tortilla chips. Mmm.

And I used the frozen corn brand that Trader Joe's sells, which is this fantastic roasted corn, in the soup itself, so it was very tasty.

Then on Sunday, it was my grandmother's 75th birthday party (a surprise!) at the Olive Garden. I had two limoncello frozen lemonade drinks (oh Vodka, you are the only alcohol that I like) and did not get that drunk, so it was a huge step up from my other grandmother's 70th birthday party, where I fell off a chair after having one too many Sex on the Beach. Huh, that doesn't look right. Would the plural be "Sexes on the Beach" or "Sex on the Beaches."

Eww, now I'm thinking of someone having sex while watching the movie Beaches. *shudder*

Sadly "one too many" means that I had two. For lo, I am a cheap date when it comes to getting me to the kind of drunken idiocy best captured in Tall Tales and a certain wildcat named Starla (Sam's version).

But what really, really matters is that this day just speeds through so I can come home and finish my beta on an AWESOME Supernatural fic that my ignited wrote. It is glorious porn with lovely turn of phrase and if I didn't already love her, I would because she wrote this fic.

There's PIE in the fic too. And Wincest. But did I mention the pie?

Dude, I wish I was a fictional character who could eat whenever. SO HUNGRY.
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