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big bang, david boreanaz, and jensen ackles getting beaten by a clown-banana and a dildo, & hot jews

Bear with the crazy subject title, I will discuss everything.

It looks like The Cuppy (this is my youngest sister) has not completed her chores so she will not be seeing PotC:3 tomorrow. Which by extension means that I will not be seeing it tomorrow, as I promised to take her.

I'm kind of really okay about that. Eh, I'll see it someday.


Maybe it's because um, fuck, my Big Bang Story? Oh betas, I need your help. Much like Obi-Wan Kenobi, only the thing is, you are my only hope. God, I am going to be a wreck for the next week getting this story polished and I reread it today and SO NOT HAPPY with the second half. And I hope that I can not GO OVER my set word limit because I just want it to be split into two parts, I think I've got a good part one conclusion/cliffhanger bit that'll work nicely but the second half needs a good few kicks in the nuts before I'm not horribly ashamed of my attemps to wrap up the story.


For all lovers of David Boreanaz, go watch him do Martha Stewart's cooking show and be reminded that he is awesome. And possibly four years old. God, I love his interviews. I don't watch Bones but seriously, he is just cracktastically AWESOME when allowed props. And he shouldn't be allowed to play with things. Hee, Martha Stewart gets so freaked out by him. And he plays with butter! Oh David. Never change.


I have heard that Jensen Ackles produced a film short. Called The Plight of Clownana. But you have to see it to believe it. Jensen appears at the end to get beaten up by a guy in a Clown/Banana suit, another in a dildo suit (!!!), and oh, two little people dressed as testicles.

For all the shit Jared Padalecki gets as the weird one who says the crazy stuff ("I wear assless chaps. I'm a special cowboy" - TRUE QUOTE), heh, Jensen Ackles is a secret freak under that shy demeanor, isn't he?

I'm never getting that time back. And I just had the sound of the Clownana & Dildo Dance Off (It's a motherfucking dance-off!) in the background as I typed this out.

Save me from myself.


The Wicker Man - WORST Nicholas Cage movie EVER or WORST "Man in a bear suit punching women" movie EVER?

"...I don't know!"



I had no idea that Sera Gamble (the lovely writer of many-a-Supernatural episode), resident girl-crush in these parts, co-wrote a blog. Check it out: Very Hot Jews.

Dude, Michael Chabon has a new book out? I know what I'll be reading once my Big Bang edits are done.
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