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chilling with mah ignited

I use my Sam/Dean manip because I <3 ignited. And she is sitting right next to me so I have to say that or she'll glare at me. She won't hit me 'cause she loves me.

We are brilliant, if you would like to know. And you should know because ignited...*gets distracted*

is a bitch. She is making fun of me.

Okay, so the point I wanted to make is thus:

Unlike most stories that are classified as "genderswap," our story really is genderswap as Sam and Dean will be swapping genders - sexual identities, people. Imagine how awesome our story is AND it is 10,000 words of stuff prior to all the plot things we have to do.

Goddamn, we are awesome.

ignited would like you to know that she likes cookies.

But I would like to know from you, my sexy flist, if you would want to read a teaser/snippet of our genderswapping story of glory and awesome and pie.

Poll #992057 Fic Tease

Do you want to see a snippet of our Awesome Genderfuck Story?

Hell yes
FUCK yes
Jesus God yes
SamnDean yes
Pie yes

Dudes, ignited didn't remember at first that we met at the HP Shoebox meetup. Heeee.

And she is trying to take over my keyboard to write that the above is a lie.
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