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Splendiferous joy, that is where I am at the moment. Not because of the livejournal issues that I'm sure will continue to be hashed out. No, dear reader, I celebrate because I will not be curled up into a little ball at 11pm tomorrow, desperate to finish a fic that continues to EAT MY BRAIN.

I will finish the fucker by this weekend though. I don't care that my big bang story will be over 30,000 words. I don't care that it's gen and that mermaids are fuckin' hard to kill and that I have to turn Dean into a living anchor (woooo!). I'll get to all that in due time.

And I shall finish with the very final edit of the story by sitting down in my grandfather's whaler, the first and only boat I learned how to "drive" as it were, though it's still on dry land, it does not matter, because dammit, if I'm going to put the Wincester inna boat, then by gum, I'm going to finish editing the story inna boat.

Also, Dean's last line in this story is either cracktastically wrong or cracktastically awesome.

Quick May Fic Round Up:

-- I managed to get three stories posted despite my brain melting thanks to the big bang story and also my side venture with the genderswap fic of Awesome.

wake up with the sunrise; PG-13

-- A post What Is and What Should Never Be coda, which I dubbed an AU coda, that tormented Dean, as I like to do with characters I love the most. Summary: It’ll feel like forever. Dean hesitates before plunging the knife in and can’t quite let go of the dream.

-- I liked playing with the images in this story, in making time a stuttering, fragile thing, and best of all, having Dean in a dreamlike state where he knows that he's just buying into a lie, but he doesn't really want to give it up though it's breaking him apart. Basically I wanted to hurt those that read the story. If you thought/said "OUCH!" during it, then I guess I did okay. Of course, it is also a mite bit pretentious. ;-)

knocking boots (the birds and the bees are at it again); NC-17

-- Over 5,000 words of porn featuring the Boys and OFCs. Playing with the boundary of Wincest is fun and god, it's all about their fraternal relationship seesawing on the razor's edge of No Man's Land, the last place that they've been holding back. But it's also very much a het story. And a masturbation story. And a threesome story. And yet, it's Wincest. It's...a little of everything. It's fucking porn people. It's meant to be hot and if you melt a little, then I did somthing right. And if I didn't, well, it may very well be the first story I ever had to take *breaks* writing because I was getting turned on. Usually my downstairs brain is off when I'm writing, this time, oh, it was very much active.

-- Summary: These being the sex lessons bestowed upon Sam Winchester by Dean and how very useful they were in five particular situations. He’s frozen in front of her and Dean, carrying an honest-to-God pizza and this is every bad porn movie that Sam has watched when Dad and Dean were off hunting.

a boy and his dildo; R

-- The question was, could I get away with this title to a GEN story about the Boys walking into a porn shop and coming across evidence of Dean's dick being sold as a popular sex toy? The answer is apparently yes. This is the first story that I wrote that cracked two pages of comments. SPN fandom, I love you, for being just as filthy-minded as I am. It's a crackfic and a humor fic and I finally worked in Sam and the Lesbian Porn joke I've been dying to write. Perhaps someday I'll write two sequels, one where we meet Monique (and how she got Dean to accept her making a mold out of his dick) and the other where Sam accidentally becomes a porn star. We'll see how my sanity's functioning in July.

--Summary: The trouble started the moment they crossed the threshold and there it was right up in front: a display of The Winchester, with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or your money back. Sam's kind of scarred for life and Dean's a freak, but that's okay, because Sam's secretly freaky too.


There you have it. Angst, porn, and humor. A trifecta.

Now I'm going to SLEEP and not flip out, because my big bang fic is not due BY TOMORROW, so yay I have more time to edit!
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