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good tidings of a sort

Goooooood morning!

I have been up since six a.m. but that is okay because I got to catch Stephen Colbert on CSPAN 2 for BookExpo America and <3 Colbert. Also, Ken Burns was on the panel for his companion book to the PBS autumn series regarding World War II and he was awesome.

Burns really delivered a wonderful speech. Colbert was there as a kind of moderator, so he wasn't really in "Stephen" mode, but that only means that his geek hotness was in full effect. Also, he went to the event all scruffy, so if you're wondering, his beard is totally grey. Aww.

Meanwhile, yestereday sucked and I thought about using my super-personal RL filter, where I have, like ten people on it (basically anyone who I've met in RL and knows my full name and has probably seen me in some various state of undress - they might have seen an ANKLE), but I decided against it. I still have to sort what's going on and it's all work-related stuff. I'm weird about posting intensely graphic information about what I do...I don't even think I really tell people exactly where I work, in terms of what industry I'm involved with, I'm kind of really paranoid about that stuff. I remember when I got my job in '05 and announced it in a "Yay I will get paid!" post, I sort of hesitated in saying exactly what I was doing. Paranoia looks good on me.

Plus, I got to talk to the lovely miss jennem, who is sadly without internet and has been unable to post about this whole livejournal clusterfuck. I often don't feel like posting after I've hassed out something on the phone. You all should be glad about that or I'd have post after post describing, in graphic detail, my thoughts on yaoi my rules for writing believable Wincest.

As ignited may be able to attest, it often involves me saying Dean is the eldest, I don't care that he's the Mommy/John Crichton/Prettiest One/Emotional Woobie, he's Dean, he's not going to give up his ass and then freakin' weep in Sam's arms after the assthumping session of hot gay illegal sex! Then I explain how to write buttsex between brothers, loudly and without reserve, on public streets. Possibly with hand motions as well.

It is very appropiate that my iTunes just turned to Time Has Come Today as the first word in that song is "Cuckoo." Heh.

By the way, I'm finding it really difficult to type hot gay illegal incest sex!. I WONDER why.

The one good RL thing that I experienced yesterday was that I have officially lost another damn pound. 27 since January. *assumes Dean Winchester One-Armed Fist Pump of Joy*

Today, I think I'll work on finalizing my Big Bang story by getting Dean all wet (SO DIFFICULT, *g*) and go see the movie Knocked Up.

Also, I painted my nails this silvery blue color called Colibri and it's very different but kind of neat. It has this subtle hint of pink-purple when it hits the light but it's mostly a very cool silvered-blued.

Now to find something in my limited clothing collection that won't clash with my nails. I've worn black-on-black for two days straight, I'm in the mood for at least one non-black clothing items.

Wait a freakin' second, I have one more demand. If anyone who loves me and enjoys AWESOMELY written Wincest, they should go to my ignited and offer to do a quick beta of a Wincest story that she wrote alllll for me. And by me, I mean, THE WORLD. Please, I want to see this story because I gave her a crazy awesome prompt and I'm dying to see what she's working on.

Don't make me bat my super-mascara'd up eyelashes. I have sworn to use the power of my eyelashes only for good.
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