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So much to say, so little time to say it...

Boo to being internetless. Boooo.

Yesterday I went into the city, which is always lovely, especially since the weather was rather gorgeous. Of course there's a "but" and this one is that while driving to the train station, one of my tires blew out, quite badly and I had to call up my mom (and we only had cellphones as our home line was down) in order to have her drive me to the station. My dad, who was working, offered to help by changing my tire to the spare, but because I needed to get into the city early, I wasn't able to hang around.

So, worrying about the fate of my car of doom, I went into the city.

It gets better. Guess what I forgot was going on in the city. Guess. It shows just how smart I am.

The New York City Marathon.

I decided to walk from Penn Station to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is, ya know, only fifty blocks. It actually wasn't that bad. What was bad was because of the marathon, I had to walk a bit of the way into the middle of central park in order to cross over to the other side.

However, I did get to see Margaret Okayo running the last mile while I was walking. She was very tiny and had a killer athlete's body. As I said to jennem last night, the only way I'd run 26 miles is if I was running from the police. And I'd have hotwired a car before the ten mile mark.

So it was actually pretty empty in the Met. Which is not to say that nobody was there, it was just that I was actually able to take some pics on my mom's digital camera without having tons of people walk by the statues I needed to study for my art history paper.

And because I had some time, I was able to go see the El Greco exhibit, which was very cool. I've seen some of his work up close in El Prado in Mardid, but I was extremely sick the day I went to that museum, so I wasn't really able to appreciate the art (although I think being ill added to my future nightmares over Goya's Chronos).

It was neat to see works from El Prado in the Met and I just love the color he employs, it's very spiritually moving and I'm not religous at all. Plus, how cool is it to be called "The Greek" as your professional name? That would be like if they called me "The Irish-English Puerto Rican" only that sounds way too long and not at all cool.

After I wandered around the museum for a bit more, going to the Near Eastern art section and my Mecca, the 19th century painting section, I decided it was best to get home, as I was carless once I was off the station, and needed to call my mom to pick me up.

And then I went to school, as the station I went to was right next to my college, and finally got online after being internetless for almost four days.

I offer hugs, chocolate, home-cooked meals and love to dawnydiesel, yseultdb, and trixiefirecra.

I have more to post and I need to recap the lecture I went to last Monday, Salman Rushdie spoke at my campus and he was awesome and I ended up getting a signed copy of a collection of his nonfiction writings. But I'll save that for another time.
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