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I was a taller girl too, once.

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GIP 'cause somebody loves me

I am the Dean Winchester to ignited's Sam. You all should know this.

Gah, Dean from the end of S2, he is so lovely! And battered! And wearing eye makeup (like me!) and all wounded and hot and...

*continues to stare at the icon*

Unlike Dean, I just spend today doing utterly girly things. Pedicures and shopping and the eating of quiche and salad (real men don't eat quiche and salad, don't ya know) at a neat little coffee joint. Oh, and I also watched Bob & Rose this morning because I enjoy Russell T. Davies's work. Who knew? I think the only thing I still haven't seen is The Second Coming.

I'm spoiled all to hell for The Second Coming and I think that's partly the reason why I haven't gotten the DVD yet.

Also, yesterday I bought my first pair of shoes from DSW. Black pumps with wooden heels and they're just as tall as my Sam Winchester Fucking Boots.

I'm still weird about posting about my work-related RL issues which continue to plague my thoughts. Hence my airheaded weekend of super girly activities.

But look, an icon with Dean! *hugs it and possibly gropes it*
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