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I'm going to ignore stuff (um, how's that for vague?) for a while and just concrete on writing fic, yeah?

I sometimes forget how much I love writing Dean. He's so Dean, you know?


Dean’s come across his fair share of old grey-haired men brimming full of vinegar and hard spirits (whiskey men most of them, the ones that Dean’s known all his life), able to mow down a mouthy young upstart with just a few choice words. These men might have rum as their drink of choice and their coffee might taste a little different, but barring the language, Dean recognizes these people. He is so in his element.

Yeah, Dean had been that young upstart once upon a time, but he’s learned how to tamp down on his natural instincts to piss off his elders. At least, he likes to pretend he does, even though he’s getting a few dirty looks tossed in his direction as he makes his way into the crush of the crowd, easily seeing over the heads of the shorter Cubans.

God, sometimes he loves it when he towers over people, the cures of being the older brother of a freakin’ Yeti means that Dean gets a skewed perspective on the average height of most folks. Here, all he has to do is stand, not even have to stretch upwards all causal-like. Dean doesn’t do the whole stretching up to see over the heads of people because as long as he’s breathing, there’s no way he’s letting Sam catch him stand on up fuckin’ tip-toes or any shit like that. The day Dean lets that happen, Sam’ll have ammunition to bring up anytime Dean tries to get Sam’s hackles raised with some good-hearted ribbing.


Oh Dean. Poor "short" Dean.

I'm sorry about what I'm doing to you in this fic. But hey, at least you aren't getting whapped by the Exposition Fairy as much as Sam does!

Sometimes I get worried about writing Dean POV because his POV is so much how my brain works, I mean, I kind of give him my running headvoice monologue and is that really fair to the character?

Does Dean not think this way? Then I realize that my personality is a lot more reserved than Dean and I don't like shooting things or setting things on fire. Nor do I have Big Brotherly love for my younger sibling. I have sisterly love for my sisters of course, but that's very different.

Dean doesn't advise his brother on makeup application after all, you know?

I mean, except in crackfic. Bless.
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