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SPN Fic Rec

ignited loves me and deals with my insanity on a general basis.

But what is most important about her is that she can write a story real damn good.

I gave her a prompt for a Sam/Dean story that I INSISTED be written and she turned my silly little prompt into this beautiful exploration of The Boys. With porn. And much love of the movies. It's an achingly beautiful treatment, all done in Stef's glorious style.

double feature (soft and heartland)
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
The summary: The movies are fun, sure, but going to them, now that’s the best part, ‘cause there’s popcorn and ice-cream, rickety old seats, and Sam laughing, loud and braying, at bad make-up and CGI monsters. And doing their jobs, the family business, killing the real monsters, so that only the make-believe ones, on film, live on.

And here is a snippet that just delighted me:

“You okay?” It’s spoken low, hushed, like he’s waiting for some pimply snot nose of a theater attendant to shine a flashlight on him. It’s the movies, though, that’s why he’s talking low. Hallowed place. Dean’s sure they probably haven’t been to the theater as many times as he thinks, only when they do it’s something special, something that stretches out lazily in memories and spreads the love of movies like wildfire.


There is a point in this story where my mouth opened and didn't close for a long time.

This is lovely writing, go enjoy.

Stef wrote top!Dean buttsex just for me! Yay!
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