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in celebration of dean and supernatural, please note the following...

I have a new splendiferous livejournal layout care of the lovely miss ignited.

So please come and see regala_electra.

And then click reload on regala_electra.

And just when you realize something magnificient has happened to my header, please click regala_electra one more time.

Oh yes. My pictures change, not just the header, but the images in the header. Tis a sigh to behold.

She loooooooves me. She loves me as much as I love Dean. Which is a lot. Did you know that lasy year, on this very weekend, tomorrow in fact, I asked how one might acquire SPN eps? That's right, bitches, it's my one year Supernatural anniversary. Celebrate, y'all.

I do plan a post on some of my initial thoughts, some of them are just SO CUTE. It's like, my past!self was all adorable and oh, I didn't know what I was getting myself into, I really didn't.

But it's all been more than freakin' worth it.

New lj layout, new mood theme, it's all new, but it's still me, only pimped out. Pimp my SPN.

Also, I love everyone who voted in my poll yesterday. Ben Browder's SPN character will be known as Sue Maurice Singer, AKA A Boy Named the Gangsta of Awesome.
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