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where does the reg go

Yesterday was an awesome day of fannish bliss with elrina753. She's now seen all of S2 of Supernatural and I can sum up her reaction in TWO WORDS: Oh Dean.

We also watched Pan's Labrynth, which I hadn't seen and it was lovely, and I dozed off at some point while watching The Office, possibly thanks to that little bottle of Amarula, a tasty little cream liqueur. Alcohol hits me so quickly.

We watched Doctor Who this morning and HELL YEAH. I'll post my spoilertastic thoughts at another point.

My layout still makes me deliriously happy. It is important that you know this.

Today really and truly makes my official descent into Supernatural. For lo, I did "Acquire" the eps and watched it out of order a bit, in order to get to the season one finale because I heard it was ever so kickass. And I realized I was in love. But I denied it a bit, refused to let myself fall so hard for a "silly" show about these Boys but alas, the love has taken root and I am now forever destined to love the Winchesters almost as hard as I love my John Crichton.

Now I am off to celebrate Father's Day with the Dad and the Mom as for some reason I am the only daughter who is actually here as the Cuppy has managed to beg off and the Sister K is living in a tent in Tennessee. No, I'm not joking about that.

Hopefully she brought her camera so I can spy on pictures and ask her about TN for Supernatural fic purposes. Heh.

*claps hands*

I am having a rather delightful weekend! It makes the madness of My Job so much more bearable!
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