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Happy SPN Anniversary to Me

Sure it's a couple of days late but that's always how things roll with me.

Happy Belated Anniversary, Past!Self. Remember when you refused to watch Supernatural because you were fandomless at the time (fall 2005-April 2006 and you only just jumped back into fannish things because of Doctor Who? Yeah, those were the days.

God, people, I was so CUTE back then. You'll see it in my posts and comments to people on my flist, I've pulled some of the most adorable stuff, the things that make me giggle now, oh, what a difference a year and alcohol makes.

The Timeline:

June 12, 2006
Television Without Pity opens a Pixel Challenge called My Motivation Is This.
*** Tons of hilarious images from some of my favorite shows. But all of a sudden these pictures start getting posted from this show called Supernatural. Which I was kind of aware of but I'd been sort of turned off to actually watching it thanks to all the pimping of the incredibly Gay of the show. "Brothers who fuck!" does not make me go YAY. Plus, you know, I stayed onboard for Smallville for way too fucking long just because of The Gay and I left. Right before Jensen Ackles jointed the cast. Awesome. In summary, back then, I had no thoughts on incest-y things. Man, I've come a long, long way, y'all.

June 16, 2006
I am broken by the Motivational Posters. I NEED to see this show. Back then, my thoughts were pretty much: Oh God, this Jensen Ackles person is really attractive. And he's hot in a pretty but roughed up kinda way and there is a photograph of him sitting at a diner with a gun on the table and the five o'clock shadow and HMMM, this show looks INTERESTING. I am going to watch it for the plot.

Thus, I inquire on how one could acquire the first season.

The next two days, the weekend, I manage to watch the whole season. I am in WOW mode.

June 20, 2006
My Comment to a Friend about </i>Supernatural</i>:
I LOVE Dean like a whole LOT.

And want to smack Sam upside the head a whole lot.

But seriously. Dean, I just adore him. So much more interesting.

*** OMG how times change! I really do love S2 Sam a lot more than S1 Sam, although I appreciate all of Sam's Samness now. But back then? So much Dean, so little time.

And a further Comment (OH MY GOD, LOOK AT ME):
I kind of dislike Sam, because I'm a terrible person. Or something.

Dean though, I want to write fic for Dean, but I won't, because I'll be writing gen (OMG RAE, I am SO NOT A GEN WRITER) because I can't do incest.

I mean, I can see where it comes from, but sadly, I cannot write or read it (and I tried, but it's early, non, just a weekend).

But Dean. Dean Dean Dean. He is so awesome.

*** Yeah, um, I do write gen now. And the het, always love me some slash, I've gone out there in my crackfic, and now, I'm totally happy playing in the Wincest sandbox. Oh, past!self. You have no idea what the future holds.

I enjoyed reading a fic where Dean kept the family in money by become a whore moreso than the incest mostly because...they're brothers and at that point, my brain shuts down.

I need to find more Dean!angst fic.

You know what really is off-putting about Sam for me? He looks like a Sim. No really. That's mainly it. I know, in theory, he's good looking, and he's got a great body, but he looks and moves like a Sim sometimes.

Dean though, I really have to credit Jensen Ackles. He's captivating on screen.

*** HAHAHA. Oh Past!Self. All Your Angst Are Belong to SPN S2. It's like, ALL THE ANGST I COULD EVER WANT. Now I look for things that are less angsty and doomed. Heh. But I am ALWAYS up for Dean as a Whore fic. ALWAYS. It's like, I will click on "Dean's a prostitute" or "Dean/OFC" fic regardless of who wrote it or whatever because those are my insta-click KINKS.

SO CUTE, a teeny part of a comment done in small text:
spreads salts around doors and windows to prevent SPN plotbunnies from terrorizing my home
*** Salt is SHIT against those fucking plotbunnies. They're fucking relentless.

June 27, 2006:
A comment:
Yeah, um, boys driving around in a hot car, toting guns, and crying in each other's arms?


I fucking love this show.

A Post :
Sometimes I question my devotion to Sparkle Motion
Why am I writing a Supernatural fic? Why am I writing a crossover Supernatural fic?

Why is the idea of Dean/Faith teh sex?

And why am I writing it in a Dean POV? Why, I ask you, WHY?

*** And thus, my beginnings in writing SPN fic starts off with getting Dean laid.

So, a lot has changed. I love Sam and Dean so very, very much, but you know, I'd have to admit that I still love Dean the best. Season 2 of SPN blew my fucking mind. I was reduced to making howler monkey noises once the spoilers for What Is and What Should Not Be came out and I was WARNING people that I would be BROKEN by the end of that episode because it was my stupid crack pleasure buttons that were all to be pressed that night. And they were. Oh, how they were.

And now I do write gen fic. About the boys finding out that someone's made a dildo out of Dean's dick and Sam's starred in porn.

But that whole "I don't think I can write Wincest" thing?

Yeah, that's kind of gotten blown out of the water.

Last night's fic post, magic fingers. Wincest, NC-17.

Orgasm seeps like an ink stain, bleeding through Sam everywhere, anywhere, a twist of ugliness that makes it even better.

The porn was written as a thank you to ignited for doing a fine, fine beta on my spn_summergen fic.

I've now become a lot wordier in my fic writing as well, to the extent that I'm AMAZED by how much I've been writing lately.

So you know, it's all Jensen Ackles's fault. And those bastards for creating Dean Winchester, the heir apparent to my "John Crichton" trope of characterization, which mainly involves a shitload of man!pain and lots of male bravado.

Wait, am I trying to be SMRT about Supernatural? You guys, I just watch it for the car. TRUE FACT.
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