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Weekend Recap and Doctor Who: The Sound of Drums

First of all, I can't look at my bigbang fic again. And yet I must. I need to have it all finished up and lovely and then on Sunday, I have to turn in my laptop to Best Buy.

Why, do you ask? Well, because I'm an idiot. My laptop's very much busted, the hinges are broken and my laptop is only staying up with a prayer and two mighty clamps. The HORROR is that it shall take two weeks AT LEAST for them to repair it, thank God I have a service agreement, but still, that's a looooong time to be without a computer. I could possibly borrow Sister K's laptop but you know, I'm going to have very limited internet access. For a LONG ass time. Good thing: I can write fic elsewhere.

Also, I have an external harddrive, so I can save my fic there.

Here are two awesomely bad things that happened today: I opened up the mini-fridge we keep on our back porch and a beer bottle fell out and SHATTERED on the ground. So I had to sweep it up in the near-darkness with a flashlight tucked under my chin. Yeah, that was easy. Also, my mother almost found some fic that I printed out. a) Thank GOD it was a Gen fic, b) THANK GOD I was there and was able to get it before she read more than a couple of scribbled words.

I don't want to be having to explain fandom EVER to the family.

The Weekend:

This weekend was really rather perfect even though my leg hadn't quite recovered from Thursday's workout. It's okay now, but walking around a lot yesterday was a little annoying as I was worried about possibly pulling a charley horse but I'm glad I pushed myself. Suck it up, body.

I came in early to first drop off my overnight bag to raelala's apartment, said a quick "hi!" and "see you later!" and took the subway to midtown where I met up with alizarin_nyc, chelseagirl and executrix for brunch. I had a tasty chicken salad and a mimosa and while the waiter really kind of sucked (like dude, do you not see US or do we have to wave to get your attention), the conversation had by all made up for it, despite the questionable acoustics. Then it was off to the MoMA.

We were there mainly to see Richard Serra's exhibit but it's the MoMA, so of course we checked out the other floors. I really like what the architect did with the space by the way, there is a bit of a terrifying height issue when you look over the terrace all the way to the ground floor but I clearly had no problem as I kept standing over the edge with my arm hanging over it. Am weird sometimes, okay?

We sort of saw Serra's work backwards, his latest pieces are out in the sculpture garden and are quite wonderful.

Intersection II

Interior Shot of Torqued Ellipse IV

What Happned to Us? by Dan Perjovschi on the Wall

Starry Night by Van Gogh
Surprisingly the brushstrokes are not as heavy as they are on some of his other works, they're almost restrained.

Afterwards, we had a drink at a bar, which I of course did not get the name of, and I had my first hard cider, Original Sin. Really enjoyed it and alcohol was a necessary thing to have after a hellish work week. After that the band broke up, I bid them goodbye and headed off to raelala's apartment.

ignited was already there and y'all know I loff her muchly and she and Rae were watching a Planet Earth documentary because, um, for some reason. vorpal_pen and typicrobots joined shortly thereafter and after tooling around some more, admiring a hot Korean dude who is like really, really freaking attractive, we ordered some Chinese and watched Dreamgirls which I had not seen before.

Man, Jennifer Hudson really deserved that freakin' Oscar. Also, I still dislike Jamie Foxx a whole lot. There was no singing to the songs because mah bitches are awesomesauce and really the only sing along that happened was my fault. I added a chorus to the song that Jamie Foxx's character sings to Beyonce about how he fell in love with her the first time he saw her or some bullshit and everytime he paused I added, while I was fucking your best friend.

'Cause, honestly.

There was more watching of the animal documentaries, flying lemurs, gangbanging tree frogs, happy otters and whatnot, ooh, and eating cake whilst watching. Flourless chocolate cake, um, which is really, really damn good.

ignited and me wound up in the sofa bed together watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show and we attempted to plot out our RHPS SPN fic but I don't think I was that helpful because most of my comments were about how much I loved Frank and he was so fucking sexy and Rocky did NOTHING FOR ME and um, Dean in gold hotpants and somehow Sam will accidentally crossdress. Not including the corset getup that he and Dean will be in at the end of the story.

Then I passed out, um, around the time Dr. Scott showed up.

Sadly I could not go with the girls to the Pride Parade as I needed to get home and I was fearful of the sun. BURNT RED is not a good look on me.

I came home to Doctor Who, which is not love at this point. It's like lust and sex and SAXON. YES.

I Has My Love Back.

It was back by the time Stephen Moffat's episode rolled around, but I was cautious because the final two/three-parter could always not be good and then I would be very sadface.

But Derek Jackobi rocked the shit out of The Professor and UM, John Simm is the new hot Master.

WIN, Doctor Who. WIN.

So last night's episode was motherfucking LUST. And Doctor/Master slash. And Doctor/Jack UST (esp. on Jack's side). And Jack and Martha will have awesome sex because they are very awesome.

Next week, Martha will finally become a super sekrit ninja, y'all. NINJA. In the black suit as well. ROCK.

I'm sorry but even if the Master hadn't had me at his first HELLO, he'd win me forever for picking out an awesome Eeeeeeevil Companion/Wife (LOLZ) who DANCES at his MUSIC to bringing on the end of the world. And now if you love me, flist, you will give me that song so that I can dance to do it. Voodoo Child.

Seriously, I watched that part like ten times on its own. So fucking awesome. HERE COME THE DRUMS - CUE THE MUSIC. Fucking A.

In conclusion, a brief letter to the Master:

"Dear Mr. The Master,

Yes, I do love it when the Doctor says your name too. Also, he was totally asking you out on a date. Don't hide your feelings. Plz to be de-aging him from the horrifying makeup that is SCARIER than the fake aging makeup they put on Ben Browder for Farscape's The (Fucking) Locket, so you can have hot young buttsecks with one another.



I AM LOVING SEASON THREE. Such an improvement over the god-awful Dalek episodes
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