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the humans are dead (affirmative)

Shooting death glares at my boss's emails is totally okay, right? I mean, he was out today, so he didn't see them.

Let me just tell you, ignited may be the crackfic expert in our demented little duo, but I'm the one who has to add in weirder suggestions when beta-ing her awesome fic. And her next fic is going to be flippin' sweet.

Ooh, all the spn_summergen stories have been posted! If you can guess which one I wrote, I'll get you a pony. The reveals shall happen tomorrow.

For ignited (and everyone!) some youtube links of songs by Flight of the Conchords:

(I am in love with their HBO series, okay?)

Bowie Song

- Done in the style of, duh, David Bowie. Pretty damn enjoyable.

The Humans Are Dead

- I loved this song when it was done on the TV show, maybe because they had a whole bit about robot dancing, which isn't included in this clip, but it's still pretty much UTTERLY AWESOME. Robot Voices. Singing. About how they killed all the humans. Rock on. The TV version of The Humans are Dead.

Business Time.

- Sexy. Awww yeah. Time to make love. You know it's business time because I've got my business socks on.

Albi the Racist Dragon.

- So wrong. Utterly fucking funny. A folkish narrative about a dragon who is so racist and when he cries, he cries jellybeans, as all dragons do! Laughed the boy..


- It starts off long and rambly but has an awesome payoff. And there's a really beautiful part that Jermaine sings about looking down at the reflection of the lights shining below, it's absolutely gorgeous. The daytime...of the night.

Part Time Model

- From the TV Show. I bet you are definitely in the top three...of good looking girls in the street, depending on the street.

Issues (Think About it)

- There are very important Issues discussed in this song. Would someone please remove these culteries from my knees?
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