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ootp, oooh, it's fun to type that

If Gondor needs no pants, then I need no shirt to type this. I am wearing a bra and that's at least moderately covering the main assets. Also, my Pink Striped Shirt of Awesome FAILED me. Twice. And vorpal_pen had to politely inform me both times the shirt became undone at the necessary button that reveals what color bra I'm wearing.

The first time she tried to warn me? Um, it took a while for me to get the message.

So yeah, I went into Manhattan to see OotP tonight. No spoilers as I'm exhausted and I talked out most of my likes and dislikes with ignited and vorpal_pen. Now I am tired, stuffed with pizza and Ben and Jerry's sorbet (some coconut and passion fruit mix), and I have Plans tomorrow. Very social-style things, which involve me rushing out of the house early in the morning to do grocery shopping.

Uh, and I have to take off this nail color, it's this deep black but it's a Express dry and it doesn't dry right. I think I'm going with Isadora Butterfly or Pearly Champange tomorrow. They're both silvery, but the Butterfly has these interesting pink and blue touches depending on where the light hits.

Hmm, I will need to find a shirt to sleep in. Maybe pass out to the dulcet tones of Flight of the Conchords. I think I need to hear them singing about the Tape of Love once more.

Oooh, now I remember what I wanted to say: Flist, I will be trying to backtrack tomorrow and read your posts, but if you posted a review/reaction post to OotP, please let me know. You don't even have to link it, just say you posted one, because I love your tasty brains and wish to feast on them.

I swear I'm not a zombie.

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