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because I am writing that damn Buffy/Faith fic as I am dying

Fic Snippet time, if only to force myself to make this not suck.

It'll be called Mercury Girls and it's another story set in Florida. I am on a Florida kick for some reason.


Faith worries her bottom lip, bruise shadowing the outside, looking like a girl who'd just gotten into her mother's makeup and smeared purplish lipstick all over her mouth. Or maybe it's thanks to overripe fruit, hastily swallowed when they'd made a quick stop off the Interstate, backtracking their way, believing that things could've been different.

"She knew the risks," Buffy says, working the ash in her mouth.

A hand going up, nails filed down, the fun polish of blackberries dotted with reckless lime spots has been stripped off. Before it stays too long in the air, that old agression that they knew so well, Faith curls her fingers in Buffy's hair, whisper of callused knuckles at the shell of her ear.

"The hell she did."

Buffy hadn't met Mr. Wall with her face, like Faith had, but it feels like it, Faith's bruises become her own when the kiss almost stamps out Faith's rage. It's screaming this, opening hollow spaces that Buffy's yanked open, forced Faith to understand that their line of work is always about these kinds of sacrifices. Collateral damage.


*continues to stab at the fic*
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