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it's all ben browder's fault somehow

Poor ignited. She is forced to deal with me far too much. HP spoilers? Not in this journal until after I've read the book. I am going to be so drunk by the time I get the book, you have no idea.

Should I wear a boobtastic shirt to the HP Midnight Party at Union Square? Y/N?

I am having a nervous breakdown over writing. This is not fun for anyone.

jennem fucking rules the universe.

Farscape is back in Webisode format and while there are no concrete details beyond "ten episodes to be put on scifi.com," I hope for some John Crichton. For he is my greatest fictional character love. Sorry Dean Winchester, because I am totally all over you, but um, John Crichton FOREVER.

Ben Browder also is doing a miniseries with Andrew Prowse for Sci-Fi. So he has a job. Yay Ben. Um, but like, should the fates ever conspire to throw you in the same room with some of the folks behind Supernatural, I'm just saying, you'd be awesome as a dude named Sue, Bobby Singer's nephew, a cartographer of demonic activity. You wear the leather pants on that show because THEY LOOK FANTASTIC ON YOU, there is no other reason, amen.

One day I'm going to write A Boy Named Sue fic all about this character I've whipped up in my head and no one will read it and I DON'T CARE.

Dean/OFC thoughts are hitting me when I need to write gen and wincest. Oh, and Evil!Sam/OFC because of something that femmenerd said. Because it's femslash, only it's not, because the Meg!demon isn't really a girl, but was a girl, and is now in a male body and hoo boy, it's confusing, but it's Sam body having sexxors.

Um, and my Dean/OFC story idea is Dean getting a woman pregnant and it's in her POV and it's an OFC I've already created (and briefly discussed on my lj), Maria, from the still unfinished fic witchy women of the west. Maria the liar, the practioner of Santeria, who has a day job as a science geek in her own way, she works as a perfumer, and by night, she casts the bones.

Oh, she's going to be so troubled about being pregnant and there would be so many conflicts and so much sex. It's weird too, because I have a very deliberate mention of the OFC Rose (I <3 Rose so much, my geechee woman who dances in front of monsters and puts on worn records and smokes like a freakin' chimney) being the one that Dean can imagine being a mother and yet I want to write fic where he knocks up Maria (and yes, she knows it's a cliche, her name, but it's the one her mother picked, because her mother's generation got the White People names and the next generation had to suffer, had to go back to their roots).

Only Dean could be called a cabron (hah, look at me avoiding putting on the right accent) and turn it into a sexy/playful little relationship moment.

Too many stories that need to be finished and no time to write them, no time at all. Am the White Rabbit, late, late, late, only not as entertaining. Or fluffy.
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