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wherein I am not dressed up as anyone but myself

ignited has finally finished her damn layout and it is all tricked out and INSANELY awesome. You guys, she has been working on this for a long ass time and it's absolutely beautiful. And moves. And the images rotate. She is a genius. And she's MINE.

Today I drove through a flood and was so lucky that I didn't kill my engine. I just hit the right patch of traffic, if I had left later this morning, the road would have been closed off, just insanely bad weather.

I am getting into a smooshy mood, which leads me to wandering down memory lane and I'd get all gushy about HP fandom, but um, it is CRAZY, so I mean to post about all those bitches and hos I met through HP fandom and how now we all grope each other and get together to be a collective unit of awesomesauce.

Dude, I met ignited because of a Shoebox meetup in NYC. How random is that? It really cracks me up. She was dressed like Sirius. I was dressed like me. Truly the beginnings of a beautiful cracktastic duo. Where we indulge each other's obsessions and I can call her up to get talked down from a ledge when panicking over a fic or I can send back a beta to her and add comments about how she's an evil Wincester and she's going to hell (and then I request Sam going down on Dean because dude, I've already got real estate down there).

Ah, Harry Potter. I joined your sandbox for the Remus/Sirius fic (thank you, third movie!) and I kind of left you out of my own meh-ness over the sixth book. Which, maybe I should reread because wow, I am a slacker.

Instead I've got laundry to do. Sexy.
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