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It's a whole new world now.

Kidding. Finished the book at around 3pm, so um, let's see, I started reading around 2:00am, passed out around 3:30am, started reading again at 11:30am, oh, shame on me. I usually read faster than that. Admittedly I did have a couple of times where I stopped to eat, as that's very important.

Doritos for breakfast. I don't advise it. I need REAL food, man.

Still over at raelala's. ignited left this morning, awesome Stef, who is busy Doing Things in addition to reading.

So last night at the Midnight Madness Party in Union Square, I can safely say that I am very glad that I was drunk for a portion of the evening or I might have been scared/really pissed off at the chaotic disorder that occurred. raelala made a voicepost - featuring my lovely bossy voice - about all the mayhem that led us to getting our books.

I tried to take pictures and will see if I can post them tomorrow. Seriously, it was insane. They almost didn't let me back into the store, because I had to leave at around 8pm to go to my friend Alex Sweeton's gig (I will always call it a "gig" now because of Flight of the Conchords and say it in their flat New Zealand accents. A gig.). I got back to the store around 9:30pm and holy. fucking. SHIT.

Again, good thing that I was drunk because I managed to work my way to the front, figure out what was going on, and really, by a streak of luck, they let me in. I mean, I had a wristband, because I got mine at around 6:30pm/7:00pm.

But they wouldn't let in people who had wristbands and were in groups of like, TWO PEOPLE. People were being kicked out of the store, had to wait outside if you didn't have a wristbands. It was pretty ugly. They'd closed off the elevators and escalators when I got inside and I managed to find Stef inside, stuck on the first floor. Eventually we made our way to the third floor, where Rae was, she'd managed to get up there on the cunning plan of needing to the bathroom. But you couldn't really move from floor to floor. We mostly sat on the floor. Um, that may have been an effort to keep me from swaying all over like a jackass and hey, I was sober by around 10:30pm, it's just that I had hard cider and um, it hit me really quick. May have been due to finishing off two bottles in very quick succession.

Finally, by the time 12:00pm rolled around, we decided, in the grand tradition of Harry Potter, to hatch a clever and illegal deception. Because me and Rae got our wristbands so late, our golden wristbands were like, 1134 and 1136 or something. Stef had swung by earlier and was in the 300s. They hadn't written on her band how many books she'd reserved, so we wrote a little 3 with a sharpie, circled it and sent her off. If it worked, we'd just leave early. She called us, had managed to get the 3 books (they didn't even look at her band) and we left the store.

MORE CHAOS outside. Siriusly crazy. The line outside spilled over the sidewalk, people crammed up outside the store, we had to walk out single file. The line wrapped around the cityblock. Yikes.

But we got our books, didn't lose any limbs, so there's that. But I advise you to go to the voicepost as we detailed our exploits in the store to a great deal and you get to hear how very loud my laugh is when I'm giddy. Heh.

Oh, yes, and I did finish the book and all, but I'll post thoughts about it much, much later.

Probably going out tonight to see Ratatouille with vorpal_pen and raelala, which is very much a yay situation because I love Pixar.

So, I have Survived the War. Celebrate.
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