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the subtext? so very text

I want to do a big old write-up of my thoughts on Harry Potter but I keep on getting distracted. Like, I've spent an ungodly amount of time trying to fix my Sister K's wireless connection which is full of FAIL.

Blah, in the meantime, I've got some REAL WORDS written for my SPN 50 States story. And it would be insanely long, which is good, I can't go crazy, this isn't going to be the 32.5K monster that El Viaje was. I have Texas and it's set in Austin and it's going involve a plot that I've been saying I needed to write for months. A very important, necessary storyline that involves a cursed object and Dean. *zips lips*

Um, how AWESOME was Flight of the Conchords tonight?

SO AWESOME BECAUSE OMG MEL IS A SLASHER. A RPS fan, in fact and hah, she's a professor! Um, I couldn't breathe at one point.

Oh, of course the episode revolving around Bret getting advice from David Mother-Flippin' Bowie winds up being the gayest (and best!) episode yet. OMG, Jermaine in Bowie-makeup! So fucking hot. Heh. I can't even, like, be coherent about this...they did David Bowie from Labrynth! HELLO movie that turned me into a woman with David Bowie's INSANE HOTNESS AND TIGHT WHITE PANTS.

The Bowie song was also fucking amazing.

But, people, this show has CANON slash (and a canon slasher!). Jermaine has put a wig on Bret when they're on tour and he's feeling lonely and SPOONED Bret. "That's not gay at all."

Bowie, confirming, "No, that's not gay at all."


And John Hodgeman was on as the greeting card guy and he was fantastic.

Man, that just made my night.
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