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let me show you some cracktastic glory. Cracktastic glory. Let me show you some.

Today is my daddy's 50th birthday. I'm all smooshy and smurfy inside, even my card for him was so totally girly, this sweet, cutesy thing and I made sure to write a special note that commenced with "...and so, to suffice, you will be getting this gay card. Love ya, Dad."

He is celebrating by working tonight. Le sigh. But he and the family (the family being my mother and my sister the Cuppy) shall be going to the Poconos on Sunday for a whole week, which means Sister K and I are alone. ALONE! Sister K shall be working this weekend and I shall be...writing fic. Exciting.

(BTW, I am alone because I have no summer vacation time, all my vacation time Are Belong to winchestercon in October.)

Well, I do have to see The Simpsons this weekend, I should pester her and ask if she'll go with me. It is a HUGE cultural event for me, even if the movie sucks, I need to see it, because dude, this what I was raised on - my high school yearbook is resplendent in Simpsons quotes, amongst other pop culture references.


Temptation that I have but I won't actually complete because I am freaking busy: write a huge, huge, HUGE rant on fandom's (all fandoms) overuse of the term Mary Sue and how we've turned Mary Sue into a big dead horse (see icon, because just like Mary Sue's hair 'n eyes, it CHANGES COLORS) and flogged the term to death. No, not every female character/bearer of the evil vagina is a Mary Sue.

No, really.

Seriously [monkey].


Yes I'm fucking SeriousSirius and he's even BETTER in bed post-Azkaban. Post-Dead-By-Drapery too. [Spoiler ZOMG?]

Using Mary Sue blithely leads me to zombie!sex. Please, someone, think of the zombies. They think of your brains. Naked.


It is extremely appropriate that after that randomness that I now end my post with a Rec of Joy.

ignited has composed a frankly hilarious fic that features Dean and Sam being guys, brothers, and doing the hunting thing. It should just be another normal casefile story, but Dean turns into a pig and things proceed to get weird. Um, weirder.

Yes, I beta'd the story, offered even more cracktastic suggestions (to the point that Stef was like, "are you insane?" and really, we all know that the answer is yes), but it's honestly just an awesome story, honestly funny laugh-out-loud moments.

And because Stef wrote it, she also added pictures. MANIPS. Of Pig!Dean and Sam. One of them I would print out and post to my wall because it is so frickin' funny and ADORABLE.

Starring Dean Winchester as the Other White Meat. It's rated R, Sam/Dean, crack, and it's nearly 15,000 of freaking comedy GOLD.

Banter Snippet! -

‘Oh, and bring me a beer.’

“You’re a pig, moron.”

Dean sort of shrugs, wriggles in place. ‘So what?’

“I’m gonna bring you pork rinds if you keep this up,” Sam says, getting a loud snort in return.

‘That’s cold,’ Dean says and when Sam’s just about to leave, he calls out and says, ‘Be a good brother and put the TV on. I can’t use the remote. No fingers.’


Oh, it is awesome. Read and feed.
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