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vinylroad tagged me and I figured it would be better to post random things about me then about another craptacular day of work. Seriously, I am at the bottom of the pile-on, only everything above me are HUGE ROCKS OF DOOM. Sometimes rocks fall and no one dies.

The Rules:

* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

Pieces of Eight

1. I used to say that I talked to trees, not because I believed I did, but because I liked that first reaction of disbelief. I was a dreamer when I was a kid, the kind who wanted to be able to walk into the world dreamed up in the mind, to imagine that my backyard swingset could turn into a real carnival. I'd used to sit on the part of my swingset that had the little bench configuration where you could fit two by two (across from each other), on on the seats, but on the little planks where you'd put your feet down, and there I'd press the empty spaces of the seat and backrest and pretend I was working at NASA, sending astronauts off into space. I never dreamed of being an astronaut, just the person pressing the buttons.

2. I know that I've mentioned that I am dyslexic, but I usually rarely talk about how I was in school as a child - my shy/awkward phase began in middle school, thanks to a lot of horrible treatment from, well, everyone, god, people were cruel to me, used to throw gum in my hair. But when I was a younger kid, when I was in elementary school (and by fifth grade I was taller than my grandmother), I was a bit of troublemaker. Never sent to the Principal's office, but I was a bit defiant and I knew how to work around the special ed teachers because I spent most of my elementary time at special ed and because my problem was that letters didn't read normally to me, I had a very short temper. But my mother was very good to me and was hard on my case and made sure I always did extra work, especially during the summer (I went to summer school until middle school) and I wound up with a very high reading comprehension and scored in the 99th percentile for language arts and social studies for the 4th grade IOWAs. The school psychologist told my mother, when I was having "difficulty" in first grade, that I would never function normally or be able to learn at the same rate as my peers. She was right, I often was smarter, although math remained my Achilles heel.

3. I am a shit speller and probably over-depend on spellcheck. I never liked dictionaries (reading them, looking up words) as I sucked at cross-referencing and I wanted to real a real book and puzzle out the meaning of the words I didn't understand. I was always the first person out during school spelling bees. In fact, I can't understand you if you speak to me and spell something out to me, I seriously cannot link the word together from the letters. I give you a blank look and ask you to write it down. I don't tell coworkers about this, of course, and just mangle a lot of shit when I'm writing it down and then run off to a software program with spellcheck to get what the person was trying to spell out.

4. I always wanted to be involved in horseback riding, in fact, I took some lessons but I wasn't invested enough, according to my instructor, and once I was told how I should embrace cleaning out the stalls, my reaction was, "Um, nevermind."

5. I'm an excellent swimmer, although not expertly trained. I had stopped swimming regularly about five years ago, this summer I purchase a cute tankini two-piece and now I've embraced the water again. This is interesting as I am profoundly vain and I refuse to wear waterproof mascara, so my makeup usually runs off, also I take out my contacts so I can't see for shit when I'm in the pool. Needless to say, I am not doing this in public. When I was younger, before I found that my one true (makeup) love was mascara (at age 13), I used to be out in the water all the time, called a fish out of water. I'd even jump into the questionable water of the bay where my grandparents docked their boat. I'd go swimming off the shore of Fire Island. Salt water, over-chlorinated pool water, the only water I never liked was lake water (upstate NY), I loved diving as a kid. Loved the high dive, loved it when I touched the bottom and pushed my way back up to the surfaced, liked to call that the rocket, zooming up and breaking the surface. Getting stung by green flies was worth it, for that first jump. I was only a middling diver though.

6. I was once approached by someone when I'd been rushing to catch a subway train who asked if I was interested in modeling and she handed me a card. Needless to say, I never called it, thinking she was bullshitting me. I do remember that outfit though, I was wearing a stretchy white shirt with purple vertical stripes, my lovely plummy purple pants, a pair of high-heeled boots that were FOOLISH to wear as I was walking around the Frick Collection for hours (we'd gotten a bit of a secret special tour thanks to an in of one of my college friends, the Frick Collection officially doesn't "do" tours, although we were all disappointed we couldn't go to the basement to see the bowling alley). I looked cute, I was at my skinniest (size 12-going-on-10, so um, full-figured), and it was a strange WTF moment.

7. I'm extremely vain but I often don't think I'm pretty. I want to be fucking gorgeous. I find it easier to cut myself down, focus on all my flaws, which is probably quite negative, but if I'm hard on myself I tend to eat healthier and you know, not gain weight. But that's not true, because I do love food, I just have to say no to crap because I am a mindless eater/snacker. I find that I need to pick/play with food when I'm sitting down having a meal with people, because I need to do something instead of staring off into space. But I do have a tremendous will and even though I have to buy all the snacks at my office I actually don't eat any of them.

8. Now for something totally serious: I once snorted Coca-Cola and little bits of broccoli OUT OF MY NOSE. Ew. And um, it hurt. Happened when I was a kid. In front of one my friends at the dinner table. Embarrassing and painful. Hmm, maybe that incident is why I have no sense of smell (rather, a little-to-no-sense of smell)? Nah, I had a weak barely-there sense of smell since I was around seven or so. I can vaguely make out things but the initial scent fades usually within a couple of minutes, although I am blessed with being able to smell coffee grounds always even though I am extremely nauseated by the scent of coffee grounds. Joy.

I've decided to tag no one. Tag was never my favorite game. It was dodgeball. I was fantastic at the dodging part, the throwing part, not so much.
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